United Methodist Communications Offers New Online Courses

August 21, 2013

United Methodist Communications is offering two new online training courses beginning Sept. 18, specifically designed to meet the growing demand for training in social media and new technologies, as well as tools to aid in church vitality.

Online training opportunities are being utilized to reach out to local churches and provide them with communications resources that can help them be more effective in their ministries.
“Communicating Faith in the 21st Century” aims to help people of faith reclaim their voices in a world desperately in need of the good news of God's love by using modern-day communications tools.

Based on the book We Must Speak: Rethinking How We Communicate Faith in the 21st Century, by the Rev. Larry Hollon, the six-week course explores the importance of telling stories of faith, as well as how to create and share personal stories of faith via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. The cost of the course is $29.99 and online registration is now available. Participants can also discover additional training opportunities to organize a local church small group study for Communicating Faith in the 21st Century that can empower the local church to tell its stories of faith in the public sphere.

“Tools for Increasing Your Church’s Vitality” is aimed at increasing understanding of what makes a vital congregation and why that’s important, and well as how to transform your congregation into one that is more vital. As participants go through this six-week course, they will review the 16 key strategies to having a vital congregation and implement goals to create a vital plan that incorporates all of these strategies.

Based on the book, Vital, Churches Changing Communities and the World, by the Rev. Jorge Acevedo, the course provides resources to help lay leaders and pastors lead more effectively, create inspiring worship, effectively utilize small groups, and engage the congregation and the community in service and mission. The cost of this course is $49.99 and participants may register online.

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