Churches can book visits from global missionaries

March 20, 2013

Rev. Ann Sutton, Louisiana Conference mission secretary and pastor of Northwood UMC in Lafayette, invites all local churches to consider inviting several missionaries to visit during their time in our conference this summer and fall.

“They have been sent to the ends of the earth and now they are coming to us. These missionaries can be your guest,” said Rev. Sutton.

Marsha Alexander, director of the Asbury College on the island of Anda in the Philippines, will be in Louisiana in early September. Marsha has ties with Sager Brown, Manos Juntas Mexico in Rio Bravo and University UMC in Lake Charles. Find her biography at

Doctors Pierre Manya and Simeon Kahala work in the challenging world of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They combine the administration of health services through our Methodist institutions with clinic work throughout the country. Much of their work addresses health issues related to severe poverty and infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. They will be in Louisiana from June 9 – 19. Their biography is found at

To schedule a missionary visit to your local church contact Rev. Ann Sutton at

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