Mission Insurance

UMVIM Insurance

When we participate in a mission experience, we hope and pray everyone stays well and no injuries occur.  

However, sometimes things happen and it’s extremely important to be  prepared for all eventualities.  

It is considered a “best practice” for all all mission teams to be properly insured.

Here are some options for obtaining medical and accident insurance coverage for your mission teams.  

These are available to all Conferences of the United Methodist Church.

Individual policy descriptions can be found on the websites listed below or obtained by contacting the Jurisdictional office listed.

North Central Jurisdiction

Contact: Tammy Kuntz
Phone: 605-692-3390
Email: umvimncj.coor@gmail.com
Website: http://umvimncj.org/insurance

Northeastern Jurisdiction

Contact: Tom Lank
Phone: 919-428-0461
Email: nejvim@gmail.com
Website: http://umvimnej.org/mission-insurance

Southeastern Jurisdiction

Contact: Paulette West
Phone: 205-453-9480
Email: paulette_west@umvim.org
Website: http://umvim.org/send_a_team/insurance_faq.html

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