Mission Academy

It’s time to register for our 2nd Annual Mission Academy!!!!

Join us at the Wesley Center March 20th to the 22nd for our 2nd Annual Mission Academy.

This year will include a variety of classes designed to prepare and inspire you to engage in mission opportunities at home and abroad.

You will have a chance to hear from current and former missioners as they share their experiences with us in panel discussions, brush up on the latest training information and learn how to create a signature ministry for your church. 

Learn about:

  • Leading Mission Journeys
  • Theology of Mission
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Communicating your Missions
  • Domestic and international Missions
  • Brainstorming Domestic and International Missions
  • Poverty from a domestic and international perspective


This year, we are adding a Signature Ministry component to Mission Academy. You will both learn about what it means for a church to develop its signature ministry and have an opportunity to talk to others who have gone through the process of creating one, the roadblocks that they have faced, and the accomplishments that they have celebrated.

Together, we will reflect on what it means to be in mission in the name of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, one mission at a time.

We will worship, provide team leader training, offer recertification courses and more!!!

So register today to lock in your spot at LAVIM Mission Academy!!!!!

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