Minister’s Emergency Aid Fund

The Ministers’ Emergency Aid Fund is supported by the clergy of the Louisiana Annual Conference who voluntarily contribute one-half of one percent of their base salary annually.

The following guidelines were adopted at the 2015 Annual Conference:

  1. Each clergyperson under appointment in the Louisiana Annual Conference is asked to give an amount equal to one-half of one percent of their base salary for 2015 to the Ministers’ Emergency Aid Fund (line 5030 on the Conference Remittance Form)
  2. The fund is to be used to provide emergency benefit aid to the clergy of the Louisiana Conference and their immediate families, subject to the following guidelines: a. The maximum amount allowed for a single emergency shall be $1,500. b. Exceptional situations may be given special consideration by the Cabinet. c. Only one grant will be provided to any one individual in a twelve month period.
  3. Each clergyperson and local church be requested to provide an adequate medical insurance program for family protection.

For more information, a clergy person should contact his or her District Superintendent.

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