Messy Church

What is Messy Church? Think of it this way - “Church, but not as you know it”. 

If you have attended church for a long time, Messy Church may not look like church to you.  At Messy Church, all ages meet together to learn about Christ through games, crafts and activities, music, and storytelling from the Bible.

"Messy Church is such a great opportunity to connect with our faith in a way that is friendly and accessible to those that don’t do well in a sit and listen environment – whether it’s kids & families or those that get more out of involved faith experiences. The opportunity to worship together in this format is so meaningful."

Louisiana churches are invited to an online training,
January 10-12th. 


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A foundational ingredient of Messy Church is to gather around a table for a snack or meal and build relationships with each other, God, and the world. 

  • To provide training for communities wanting to start a local church
  • To share best practices of leadership development and faith formation
  • To provide coaching and consultation services for both new and existing Messy Churches
  • To provide networking opportunities through electronic newsletters, blogs, and website
  • To work closely with Messy Church UK
  • To plan future regional and national conferences in the USA.


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