Louisiana Delegation

The delegates to the 2019 Special Called Session of the General Conference are as follows: 

Lay Delegates

  • Carolyn A. Dove
  • Sarah S. Kreutziger
  • Pete Aguila
  • Terrell DeVille

Clergy Delegates

  • Andrew Goff
  • Juliet P. Spencer
  • Pat Day
  • Bernadine Johnson

Lay Delegates to Jurisdictional Conference

  • Stacy E. Hood
  • Walter R. Weiss
  • Olivia Pruett
  • Robert Fairly, Jr.

Clergy Delegates to Jurisdictional Conference

  • Lynn Malone
  • Juan C. Huertas
  • Ellen R. Alston
  • James W. Mitchell

Reserve Delegates 

  • Katie McKay Simpson
  • Matt Rawle
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