Louisiana Conference United Methodist Historical Society

Welcome to the Louisiana Annual Conference's United Methodist Historical Society, organized in 1998. This web site will present information on the Society, its constitution, and proposed activities.

The Commission on Archives & History approved the formation of a Louisiana United Methodist Historical Society at the 1997 Annual Conference. An organizational meeting was held at the 1998 Annual Conference, at which time the officers were elected.

Join sessions of the Commission on Archives and History and the Historical Society were held for several years. Due to lack of participation, current meetings are on hold. The Society's funds did pay for the history displays at the Wesley Center and the Bicentennial video shown at Annual Conference 2006.

The purposes of the Louisiana United Methodist Historical Society are as follows:

Working with the Commission on Archives and History of the Louisiana Conference for the collection and preservation of materials related to the history of the United Methodist Church in Louisiana and its antecedents.

Developing interest in United Methodist history and skills for pursuing it among local church historians and others.

Stimulating the writing of histories of local churches.

Promoting research, writing, and publication on the history of United Methodism and the Louisiana Conference.
Locating and encouraging preservation of appropriate sites of historical interest within the state of Louisiana.
Publicizing, among relevant parties, observances of historical anniversaries and other events of church historical interest, such as Heritage Sunday.

Promoting and supporting the Louisiana Conference United Methodist Archives at Centenary College and the repository at Dillard University.

Engaging in such other events or activities as shall be deemed proper by the Society and the Church, including emphasis on improving and reaching out to promote greater interest, loyalty, and love of our general Church Laity to stimulate the spiritual life of our Church, and the reality of God and Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

Louisiana United Methodist Historical Society Constitution and By-Laws
Membership Application

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