July - August, 1861

July 1861

Monday, July 1, 1861
we still continued the meeting. Brother Bellamy preached. Brother
Cullen closed with an exhortation (?)

Tuesday, July 2, 1861
to day I am very sore from over exersion on yesterday. My throat is
sore and I am so hoarse I can hardly speak. But glory to God it will all be
right when we get home to our Father's house. These meetings have a good
influence upon the community. I do hope the Lord will still farther revive

Wednesday, July 3, 1861
this day I spent at home and tried as uch as possible to improve my
mind. I have read much this day in Ruter's Church history. It shacks (sic)
my very soul to read the apes of persicution by the Catholic Church a
misdirected religion. Feeling is very vendictive.

Thursday, July 4, 1861
this day I visited a barbacue and unexpectedly was called on for a
speech. I did the best I could under the circumstances. All passed off
well. These is a great deal of excitement among the people on the subject
of war. I am afraid there will be much Blood shed.

Friday, July 5, 1861
at New Hope
I traveled 17 or 18 miles to reach my appointment. I (had) a verry
little small comgregration to whom I preached from Matthew 1c&14 of much is
the Kingdom of God. It was a little child's funeral. I fear I did do much
good though the people seemed to feel.

Saturday, July 6, 1861
old sister Scrogg's at 3 o'clock
I had a small congregration of poor simple hearts. A people to whom
I preached from ye must be born again. The Lord stood by me and gave me
great Liberty in speaking. I have been happy in the Lord ever since my
meeting at Liberty Chapel. Glory be to God.

Sunday, July 7, 1861
Oak Grove
Brother Uriah Riley was present and preached for me from the Last
enemy that shall be destined(or destroyed?) is death He took the position
that man had three grand enemies: Satan; Sin; and death. He dwelt
seperately upon each of these. his congregation seemed interested.

Monday, July 8, 1861
I spent the day at Brother Alexander's on Red River trying to study
and prepare for my examination at the approaching conference. Yet how
little - oh Lord do I learn and how unworthy I am. How soon I forget they
Blessings. Oh my Savior, stamp thine Image on my heart.

Tuesday, July 9, 1861
I rode down to Sister Kay's(?) in the evening where I stayed all
night and awoke in the morning to find my mare badly foundered. So I spent
the day in Doctoring her. There I was hindered from doing that amount of
visiting which I intended; Lord sanctify me wholly to this work.

Wednesday, July 10, 1861
I spent this day mostly at Brother Alexander's. I went up to see
Mr. Abrahams but he and Lady were gone from home and I did not see them.
Thus it is that I am ever failed in accomplishing any good pastorially.
Many extole this part of a ministry duty to the Skies(?) but unless it be
judiciously used it does harm instead of good.

Thursday, July 11, 1861
I Spent the most of this day at Brother Alexander's. Walked up to
Mr. Abraham's where I dined and I hope did some good. In the evening I rode
over to Mr. Amone's(sic). Held religious conversation with him; and I hope
benefited him some. Oh Lord how vain are my best attempts unless aided by

Friday, July 12, 1861
I Spent a part of the day at Brother Alexander's under some
cotin(sic) trees near the bank of the river. I enjoyed a time for study
meditation, and prayer. These are happy hours in my life. Oh that I might
be permitted to enjoy many such. Help me Oh my God, to improve my time.

Saturday, July 13, 1861
at Newels Union
This morning early I left Mr. Amonds for Mr. Grimes, traveling
through a dense forest for some 7 or eight miles. I reached his house about
eleven o'clock. He met us friendly & treated us kindly. All he lacks is
religion. May the (Lord?) give him this ere he die.

Sunday, July 14, 1861
at Trinity at 11
Newels Union at 4
to Mr. Grimes, Blacks from gal. 6th & 7. Enjoyed liberty at
Trinity. Preached from Revelations 20 7.... God was with me, praise be his
name. At Newels Union Preached from a Tim 4 c. 12 V I was happy, glory be
to god. I have rode 20 miles and preached 3 times.

Monday, July 15, 1861
From Alexandria Holloways Prairie I went to Alexandria where I
staid some hours and left for S. LaCroix's where I staid(?) all night.
During this day, I have been called on to make a war speech, I declined for
fear of a spiritual injury, neither am I competent.

Tuesday, July 16, 1861
From Stephen LaCroix's I went to our Boarding place where I found
all well. My wife is still very much dissatisfied with the itenerant life.
I am sorry she's so afraid I shall have to catuel?)(curtail) I do hope the
Lord will preside for me for I do not wish to stop. Lord I look to thee.

Wednesday, July 17, 1861
I remained at our Boarding Place during the day. I feel that I am
greatly remiss in my duty as the pastorial visiting. I o continually
promise myself that I will do better yet I am still remiss . Oh that the
Lord would sanctify wholy.

Thursday, July 18, 1861
I am still passing the time at home. How pleasant home is to me.
Being naturally fond of retirement I am not well prepared for mixing with
the world to advantage yet this is inspor(ational?) time(?) for a Gospel
minister. How unholy I am, unworthy of this place. I exsist(?), Oh(?)
Lord(from), perfect Love.

Friday, July 19, 1861
I spent the greater part of the day at but left at three o'clock
for Brother Alcock's where I intend to get my mare shod. A few tears from
my wife at the forks of the road however changed my notion and I went with
her to Mr. Gwins. Few men can resist their wife in tears. I fear this will
give me trouble some day.

Saturday, July 20, 1861
at Newel's Union
from Mr. Gwin's I went to Brother Olcott's to get my mare shod.
Thence to Mrs. Waters' plantation for the purpoise of preaching to the her
laborers(?). I got to her place late in the evening, and bid to spend these
moments in meditation and prayer. My time for doing good is shortening.

Sunday, July 21, 1861
at Trinity
at Haw Creek at 11
Pallestine 4
to the Blacks I preached from Gallations 6th & 7th at Haw Creek
from 2 Timonty 4c.6, 7 & 8 verses. The Lord was with me and I had a good
tiome of it. At Pallestine we I had but a few hearers and did not preach
myself but put up an exhorter(?)

Monday, July 22, 1861
I went from meeting home with Brother Reece Price; and Baptised his
baby for him. With him I staid all night. Thence next morning I went to
Alexandria. Thence out to Stephen LaCroix's where I took dinner in the
evening. Started for my appoinment on Bear Creek but was overtaken by rain
and stopped P Roes.

Tuesday, July 23, 1861
from Pleasant Roes I wen to my Boarding place where I only remained
a few hours and left for my appointments on Bear Creek. I stopped for the
night at Christian Stark's . Thus I am hurried from place to place with no
time for a serious thought save on my horse.

Wednesday, July 24, 1861
Bear Creek
preached from Genesis 4.3 such a preach as it was. Oh how I need
the Spirit of sanctifiying grace. Oh when shall this blessing be mine. Oh
Lord, pour upon me thy thy grace and
enable me to preach with more power. I do hope I did some good.

Thursday, July 25, 1861
Bear Creek
Liberty Chapel
I preached from Revelations 2C 4 and part of the 7 verse. I enjoyed
freedom and trust some good was accomplished. We organised a sabbath
school. I feel that I am not doing as much for the benefit of my fellow man
as I ought.

Friday, July 26, 1861
Fish Creek
Preached from 2" kings 1 v c 4 and a part of the 15 verse. I
enjoyed Liberty in speaking. God be thanked. Still I feel that I need more
of the sanctifying grace of God in my sinful heart. Oh Lord, revive they

Saturday, July 27, 1861
Gray's Creek at 11
We had a good large congregation and Brother Bellamy Preached and I
concluded. There was some feeling in the congregation and several bowed fro
prayers. In the evening I preached from my Spirit. Shall not alway strive
with man. I enjoyed great liberty.

Sunday, July 28, 1861
Hudson Creek at 11
Pools Creek 4
At Hudsons Creek I preached from the same and I still enjoyed
liberty. Two persons joined the church at Pool's Creek from the same and
still I enjoyed freedom. One young Lady bowed for prayer. May God save her

Monday, July 29, 1861
on Monday I preached from 2 Timonthy 7 4 c & 6,7 & 8 verses. I
enjoyed great liberty. There was good feeling in the congregation. There
were many penitants at the altars for prayers. In the evening Brother
Bellamy preached we had a good time. One young Lady was converted. Praise
be to God.

Tuesday, July 30, 1861
our meeting be over we left for our Boarding place. Stopped a few
moments at Brother Crenshaw's and arranged the class paper. We have
gathered up a good many at this place. I fear many will not hold out. This
is discouraging. Oh savior, have mercy on them and sanctify them.

Wednesday, July 31, 1861
This is the closing day of this month. What I have accomplished
thank God. I have seen some happy conversions. I have been very happy
myself. I feel that God has blessed me far beyond my deservings. Oh my
Lord, make me more useful during the next months.

August 1861

Thursday, August 1, 1861
I spent the early part of the day in reading and studying my
lessons for conference, yet how do I retain. I am conscious of my
remissness in this and all other duties. Oh Lord help me to act better for
the future. I feel and ackoweledge that I fall far short in every thing.
Lord Help.

Friday, August 2, 1861
New Hope 11
I preached from 2 Samuel 4c & a part the 26th verse beyong great
liberty. The Lord was with me and we had a time of it. Glory be to his most
holy name. At this appointment I have a mixed multitude to preach to. I
know not if I did any good. I pray God to Bless the word (or world?)

Saturday, August 3, 1861
old sister Scrogg's at half past 3
Preached from Gallathians 6 C & 7 verse. The Lord was with me and I
gave the people a fairthful warning. Oh my God what is to become of the
people. I have warned them and they repent not. I am clear.

Sunday, August 4, 1861
Oak Grove
I preached from Revelation 20th C 12 verse. God was with me, glory
be his holy name. In the evening I preached to the Blacks from this text so
thy heart right. I did not enjoy much liberty. May the Lord apply what I
said to their hearts.

Monday, August 5, 1861
remained all day at Brother Alexander's. I read much. I (believe)
that reading serves to fill up my mind and often suggests a proffitable
train of while reading today of the(?) persecutions of the early
Christians. My heart was greatly humbled whilst I contrasted their case
with mine.

Tuesday, August 6, 1861
Spent most of the day at Sister Hays3. I noticed that I am almost
insensible(?) by effliction by the company which I keep. How careful we
should be to keep the company of religious people in the evening. Rode safe
to Brother Says4 where I staid all night.

Wednesday, August 7, 1861
I find a great variety of people in this country. Many of them have
been raised Roman Catholic and though some of them have embraced(?)
Protestant issues yet they retain many of their old notions. This proving
that early prejudises are never entirly bliterjuries(?) There's a
difficulty here.

Thursday, August 8, 1861
I spent most of the day at Brother Alexander's in reading. What
little time I can snatch from the people I spend in this way, but this is
very little. In mixing with this world I find it takes much watchtfulness
not to ketch (catch?) its spirit. I staid all night with Br. (or Ben)

Friday, August 9, 1861
left Mr. Scrogg's early for Dr. Waters. Stayed a while at Ted
Stilley's. I was sorry that I went to Dr. Water's. He is an extremist and I
came very near getting mad at him but by divine grace I was saved I think.
I will be more watchful in the future, may this help me in this matter.
Staid all night with him.

Saturday, August 10, 1861
after staying all night with Dr. Waters and Suffering in the flesh
from his wild(?) lanting(?) way, I left for Mr. Grime's where I met with
kind treatment. I now feel certain that I have much of my evil nature to
over come for when a insult is offered I feel anger rise.

Sunday, August 11, 1861
Trinity at 11
Newel's Union 4
in the morning I held a short servis with Mr. Grime's Negroes. At
the church at eleven I preached from Genises the 6 &3. The Lord was with me
at Holoway's Prairie. I had but a few hearers to whom I did not preach, but
mearly commented on a whole chapter.

Monday, August 12, 1861
after passing the night at Mrs. Newels, Holoway Prairie, I started
for Alexandria a distance of some fifteen miles where I arrived at about
half past eleven. Took dinner with Brother Cravens and then left for home.
Stayed all night with Stephen LaCroix. Found his family all sick.

Tuesday, August 13, 1861
I left early for home where I found all well. How thankful we ought
to be to God for his Blessings yet we often enjoy them without remembering
the donor. God forgive me for ingratitude and make me more thankful every
day of my life. I want more of thy continually.

Wednesday, August 14, 1861
this morning, I rose as well as usual. Done my accustomed amount
reading and studdy in the evening. I rode over to Brother William Tison's.
While I was there I did not feel well, returned home my indisposition
continued. About sunset my fever rose. I had a sick night.

Thursday, August 15, 1861
today I was up, but was quite unwell. At night the fever rose high.
I was very sick. This all came upon me unaware. I had no premonitary
symptoms whatever. This forcibly reminds me of the Savior's warning be ye
also (always?) ready. Thank God I was not off my guard. Though I should
have later(?) to leave my family.

Friday, August 16, 1861
this was a sick day to me. The fever raged very high. I did not
know but the Lord had called for at night, the fever cooled, and I enjoyed
some little rest. God be thanked for afflicting me so lightly or so much
beneath my deserving. How good and merciful the Lord is.

Saturday, August 17, 1861
Sister Water's Blacks
instead of filling this appointment I am still sick. This is the
first appointment I have missed since I got to my work. As I felt some what
better during the day was in hopes this was my last fever but at night the
fever returned and I passed a sick night.

Sunday, August 18, 1861
At Pallestine 11
Haw Creek 3
missed both of these appointments in conciquence of my illness.
Though at home sick my mind and will were at my appointments as I could not
be at my usual worship. I tried to read and ponder some of the promises of
God. They (or theres) were food for my Lord.

Monday, August 19, 1861
sunday night I missed the fever and monday I felt better all day.
How humble and thankful a little sickness makes us. I may say with David,
it was good for me that I was afflicted for before I was affliected I went
a stray but now have I kept my precepts diligently. Thank God for returning

Tuesday, August 20, 1861
this morning I felt greatly better. Fever all gone and I'm a gentle
perspiration. I hope to be able to resume my work through I shall miss some
more of my appointments. May the Lord send his grace that I may preach with
more then my usual zeal.

Wednesday, August 21, 1861
Bear Creek
I did not fill this appointment owing to sickness. This is the only
disapointment I have made at this place this year. My heart and spirit
there's joying and beholding thier Steadfastness in the Lord. I do hope
these people will do well.

Thursday, August 22, 1861
Liberty Chapel
I met this appointment but did not Preach. I was too weak. Brother
Bellamy preached for me. I am not sure but I might have said some things
but I find myself always too willing to make an excuse. This I know is
wrong Lord. Help me to do better.

Friday, August 23, 1861
Fish Creek
I Started to this appointment but did not get to it as I met most
of my congregation going to muster. These are exciting times. The people
think more of war than of worshipping God. I fear there be a great
religious declinsion; Oh Lord have mercy on me.

Saturday, August 24, 1861
Gray's Creek
I went to my appointment but owing to the unfavored blessings of
weather. There was no person out . Thus it seems I am filling my time with
out accomplishing any good. This is very discouraging indeed. Oh instead
will the cloud of sprititual darkness blow off.

Sunday, August 25, 1861
Hudson Creek
Pools Creek 1/2 after 3
at Hudson Creek I preached from 2 Timothy 4c 6,7 & 8 verses. As the
day was unlikely I did not expect any one out, but several were out. At
Pools Creek I only had a few out. But to these I preached from numbers 10 &
29 as best I could. I hope the Lord sealed the word to good of.

Monday, August 26, 1861
I staid all night with William Wilson. During the night we had some
very heavy thunder and rain. Early in the morning I left for home taking
Alexandria in my (path?) at which place I remained until evening; and then
only got out as far as Mrs. Water's. Here a set of idle youngsters were

Tuesday, August 27, 1861
I was in their way and was showed to my room without being asked to
pray. I was somewhat surprised at this as she is a member of our church. I
spent all my time in reading. I was up early and at my books. This morning
I was not invited to pray. Alas, religion is evidently on the wane.

Wednesday, August 28, 1861
Staid all night at my Boarding place. My wife is much dissatisitied
and I fear will give me much trouble before the year is out. In complyance
with (her?) wishes (I?) hurried up and took her over to Brother Brister. I
hope the Lord will give me grace to act right in every trial. Lord, I trust
in thee.

Thursday, August 29, 1861
this morning I left my wife and children for my appointment at New
Hope. I stayed all night with Brother Job Tison. Several other persons were
here with whome I also associatted trying to exert an influence over them
for good but I am afraid I failed. Oh Lord, shall I always labor for

Friday, August 30, 1861
New Hope
Brother Ivy met me at this appointment and preach for he preached a
good sermon and I hope did good there were but a few out yet these few gave
God attention and I hope will do better. Lord convert these people from the
error of their ways.

Saturday, August 31, 1861
I.(?) M.
We had but a few and only three members of the Quarterly conference
out. Brother Ivy myself and Brother Nally. How little interest do the
members of the church take in the wellfare of the church. Of Lord, I feel
that I fall far beneath my duty. Oh Give me more zeal.

Sunday, September 1, 1861
I. M.
we met at half past nine for prayer on Love feast meeting owing to
the smallness of the congregation we thought best to hold one prayer
meeting. Brother Ivy preached at 11 with considerable effect but no one
joined. I was unable. Had some fever.

Monday, September 2, 1861
I am still unwell having some fever under these circumstances I
rode to Brother Alexander's a distance of eight miles. I was very much
fatigued and exhasted. I am afraid I shall not be able to do much more of
my work this year. This is hard but the Lord knows best. His will be done.

Tuesday, September 3, 1861
this day I was quite sick with fever. I am frail. It (will) be
sometime before am able to resume my work. This I cannot help and ought to
be resigned. Gracious Father give me Divine grace that I may bear these
afflictions with a Christian spirit and by this make more holy.

Wednesday, September 4, 1861
still confined to my room though I am some better and hope soon to
be up again. Lord how light is they afflicting hand and how guilty and
deserving much more than those layest upon me. Glory be to thy holy name.
Glory be to thy holy name. Oh Lord to thee in thy dealings with me.

Thursday, September 5, 1861
I am still quite weak but gradually improving. I have now missed
the fever two days. I know we ought to be thankful to our Heavenly Father
for all things. Seems it is he who watches over us at all times. Accept of
my gratitude, O God.

Friday, September 6, 1861
to day I am much better. God be praised. How light is the
afflicting hand of God. Lord thou hast made me to know thy goodness
according to the days wherein thou hast afflicted me. I have no doubt my
affliction do me a spiritual good than Oh Lord, let thy will be done.

Saturday, September 7, 1861
old sister Scroggs. I did not preach at this appointment but met
with Brother Rogers a local preacher who seems to be a good sort of a man.
He rather buckles on to me to take him through. I have missgivings as to
the soundess of his piety. I hope I am mistaken.

Sunday, September 8, 1861
Oak Grove
The morning was cloudy with some rain so we had but few out to
these. Brother Rogers preached a short sermon, but made it up in the way of
a long prayer. I very much doubt the propriety of putting up one with whom
we (have) a limited acquaintance.

Monday, September 9, 1861
this morning I started for home. Brother Rogers still holding with
me and seems to be in no hurry to get home. I tired down in about ten miles
and had to lie over till evening. Brother Rogers still on. At night we
stopped at at Isaac Lacroix. Rogers had the colic (cont. next day......)

Tuesday, September 10, 1861
(.......cont from previous day) and drank very freely of camiphir and other
stimulating drugs. The man with whom we staid inquired of me if he was not
a Baptist. I was greatly tempted to answer in the affirmitive but truth
triumphed. In the morning I made my way to the upper part of my work.
Rogers still holding on.

Wednesday, September 11, 1861
at Matthew Nugents I found my family. They are well. Rogers made
the trip with me. Staid all night and was quite prominent. he made a
favorable impression with all except myeself. I am skeptical. Here we
parted without sheding any tears and he went on his way home but not in a

Thursday, September 12, 1861
this we spent at our Boarding place. Our little Boy being quite
sick. I also am not well yet I hope still to be able to prosicute my labors
for the last three weeks. I have been down but little oweing to my feeble
health. How prone we are to take reffuge in anything as an excuse. Lord

Friday, September 13, 1861
my wife and children are unwell being afflicted with some eyres(?).
nothing sets a man back more than sickness in his family. How these divide
our wandering minds and leave but half for God. I went as far on my way to
my appointment at Mr. Gwins where we staid all night.

Saturday, September 14, 1861
Sister Waters plantation
I was at my appointment but did not preach until saboth morning.
These negroes are all Baptist. They are very supersticious. They want
Baptism by immersion and give as a reason that they generally receive Gods
love in falling. What holliness.

Sunday, September 15, 1861
Haw Creek 11
Preached from Isaiah 48 c & 18 verse. I enjoyed some liberty in
Speaking and I trust some good was accomplished at Palestine I preached
from Galations 4 & 6. I felt very little like preaching and made but a poor
effort. Oh Lord Bless what was said.

Monday, September 16, 1861
went first to Alexandria where I met with old Brother Whatley an
old Itinerant. He missionaries this year to the Blacks. He tells me he is
not doing much. This is oweing to the excitment of the present war which
the negro thinks is for his liberation from bondage. All they can expect is
a change of masters.

Tuesday, September 17, 1861
at nine o'clock I left Mr. Gwins where my wife and children are for
my appointment on Bear Creek. Stopped and took dinner at Mr. Collins,
thence I went to Mr. Neal's where I staid all night. May the Lord Bless
this visits to the good the family and save them in heaven.

Wednesday, September 18, 1861
Bear Creek
Preached from Matthew 18 & 8. Enjoyed some liberty. Thank God for
his goodness to me.
The evening I spent at William Irvins in reading and endeavoring to
studdy but I have been Laboring under many fold temptation. Lord my only
refuge is in thee.

Thursday, September 19, 1861
Liberty Chapel
Preached from Isaiah 4 & 18. I enjoyed som degree of liberty. The
church was much edificed. I held class and we had a meeting time. At this
appointment I have accomplished more than at any one on my work. May the
Lord prosper them in all things. Stopped with Brother Aulds.

Friday, September 20, 1861
Fish Creek
Preched from 18th c & 3 verse. I enjoyed liberty. God be praised.
Held class and had a proffitable time. A class meeing rightly conducted is
always beneficial. I have been laboring under temptation for several days
yet the Lord still Blesses me.

Saturday, September 21, 1861
Gray's Creek
I preached from Matthew 18 & c. 3 v. had only a few hearers these
were attentive and I hope some good was accomplished. May God bless the
seed sawn. I enjoyed myslef and felt the approbation of the holy spirit.
How good our Heavenly Father is to us. Glory be to his most holy name.

Sunday, September 22, 1861
Hudson Creek
Preached from Isaiah 48 th c & 18th verse. The Lord was with me and
strengthened me greatly. I hope some good was accomplished. At Pools Creek
half pasted three I preached from Matthew 18th c & 3rd verse. Here I did
not enjoy myself so well yet I do hop good was done.

Monday, September 23, 1861
I went to Alexandria. There is much stir here. The cannon which
have been sent here to be hauled across to Sabine are attracting great
attention. From Sabine they are to be sent water(?) to Galveston. I greatly
fear they will be captured (by) the enemy. Oh that our enemies would cease
this unholy war.

Tuesday, September 24, 1861
The weather has turned much cooler. My health is improving. I hope
soon to be freely into the work again. Oh Lord revive thy work. How little
have I done this year for the course of God. Lord I lament my barreness,
and grant that I may be more successful. And bless me with a right heart.

Wednesday, September 25, 1861
I spent the day at my Boarding place reading and on my lesson for
conference. But from recent developments I apprehend there will be no conf.
held. This is very much regret as I am expecting ordination. Some people
can be scared by thier own shadow(?)

Thursday, September 26, 1861
This morning I left home early with my family for my two days
meeting at Holloway Prairie. We reached Brother Reece Prices after a
tiresome ride of twenty odd miles and were kindly received where staid all
night intending to take an early start next morning. It is now quite cool.

Friday, September 27, 1861
From Reece Price's we hurried on to Mrs. Newel's in order to assist
in the taking up and re burrying a Neace (neice) of mine who has been
intered in a Catholic Grave yard. We finished later at night eve and
returned home feeling better satisfied. It makes but little (difference)
where the Body is if the soul be saved.

Saturday, September 28, 1861
Newel's Mission
I preached Malbiche 3rd c & a part of the 10th verse. I did not
enjoy liberty but hope some good was accomplished. Only a few were out
there. Are some few good people here but Romanism prevails, and will for
some time yet. Lord send out they truth.

Sunday, September 29, 1861
Newel's Union at eleven
I preached from 116th Psalm 15 verse. The funeral of Mrs. Paul. We
had a meeting time. I do hope good was accomplished. At 3 I preached from
Hebrews 12th 1, 2 & 3 (at) the funeral of my neace. I was much wearied and
made poor effort.

Monday, September 30, 1861
Monday we spent visiting the people in the Prairie. I hope we did
some good. There is room for improvement for the neighborhood having been
long under Roman Catholic rule. The people are quite ignorant and
supersticous. I do hope a better (future) for them is not very distant.

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