January-March, 1861

R. T. Parish's
Diary for 1861


January of 1861

Tuesday, January 1, 1861
I am now on my new work (in the) North Rapides circuit. I hope the
Lord will be with me and end leaving to accomplish good. I visited Brother
Hamilton Tison . Took his carriage home. I I feel that I do not live as
much Devoted as I aught. Lord forgive me.

Wednesday, January 2, 1861
this day I visited my Sister, Mrs. Gwin(or Guice?) She is much reduced(o
retired?) and looks much older than when I saw her last which is roughly
four years ago. I have first conminced my studies for this year the Lord
assist me in Learning and retaining all I read and may I love him more and
serve him better.

Thursday, January 3, 1861
remained at Home but did not make that improvement which I ought.
Oh that I was situated so that I might study; But I shall perhaps never be
so Blessed. So I must try and make such improvements as my situation in
life will allow. Lord Bless me with re-organization to thy will.

Friday, January 4, 1861
this morning I left Home to fill an appointment my little daughter
crying after me. There are many trials connected with the itenerant life,
but still I want to die in the works; may God give me grace (?) to continue
my efforts. Lord revive thy work(?).

Saturday, January 5, 1861
this morning I left old Brother Simmon's (?) for my appointment at
Oak Grove. Stopped at old Brother Nally (?) and took Dinner late in the
evening. I got to old Brother Alexander's. He seemed please to see me. Will
the Lord revive(?) his work this year my Heart's Desire is for this

Sunday, January 6, 1861
at Oak Grove 11
I did not Preach, had but few hearers. Held prayers. Gave them some
good advise. God grant that it may not be in vain. Took dinner at Brother
Stayed all night with William Talley(?) whose wife is a member of
our church. I prayed with them.

Monday, January 7, 1861
went to Alexandria where I Saw Brother Ivy my presiding Elder. made
application to the Bible society for the Calpotered(?) place. returned
home; and found all well. Mrs. P is well pleased with her new home at
present. the Lord grant to be Be with this year.

Tuesday, January 8, 1861
this morning I Started to Brother Whateley's in Catahoula Parish
after my Books. took dinner at Mr. Cushi(?) Belg(?) his Lady is a kind
woman. I was much pleased with her. may the Lord Bless this Family and save
them Eternally in Heaven. this should have been placed under Wednesday.
(Rev. Parish notes here the entries for Tuesday, Jan. 8 & Wednesday, Jan. 9
were switched. This is the only time he notes such a mistake in his diary.
It appears he may not have been used to keepting a diary with facing pages
to have made this mistake.)

Wednesday, January 9, 1861
on Tuesday (see note in parenthesis of Tuesday, Jan. 8), I
remained at home and what is there recorded (on Tuesday page of diary)
should have been placed here. thus I am ever making mistakes. The Lord give
a better memory. Oh Lord, How frail I am. have thou mercy upon me and make
me more useful. rule thou in all my live.

Thursday, January 10, 1861
this morning I left. Brother Whateley's (?) with my books for Home.
Had a long drive through the Pine Hills. Driven Home late in the evening. I
am now fairly harnessed into the work; the Lord make this a successful year
and sanctify me to every good word and work.

Friday, January 11, 1861
it is still cloudy. and looks like rain. I spent the day at home I
am devoting every moment of my time to the Study of those Books appointed
for the under graduates(?). I want to get through this year and I want a
good knowledge of the Books.

Saturday, January 12, 1861
this Day I started for my appointment at the Church called Trinity.
May the Lord be with me and Bless my Labors to those people I want to be
useful. Oh Lord Bless my efforts to promote good. Give me knowledge and
help to use it right.

Sunday, January 13, 1861
at Trinity 11
Preached to a few hearers from first Timothy & 15th verse. Enjoyed
some degree of liberty in speaking. Glory be to God for his kindness to me.
Notwithstanding my unthankfulness it is a Dark, cloudy Day, drizeling of
rain. may the god of grace guide me.

Monday, January 14, 1861
Stayed for the night at old(?) Brother Nalley's(?) it rained very
hard during the night and the creeks are all up. from there I went to
Alexandria thence to sister Water's, where I stayed all night. She is a
fine Christian Lady and treated me kindly.

Tuesday, January 15, 1861
last night it rained very hard. The creeks are all up. I got Home
about 1 o'clock without swimming. Found all well. God be thanked. May (I)
never cease to grateful for his blessings. This bestowed I am trying to
gain useful knowledge yet how poorly do I progress.

Wednesday, January 16, 1861
This is a Beautiful cloudless Day; how delight(ful) after the
blustering wind and dousing rain. Again to behold Old Ral going fourth in
his majesty rejoining as a Strong man to run a race, like the great Father
of all good he imparts his warmth & light upon all things and now all
nature seems to rejoice.

Thursday, January 17, 1861
this is a cloudy gloomy looking Day. Towards (evening?) we had
rain. I helped Mr. Collins haul some wood; and then the rest of the day I
spent in reading and studdy. I find I make but poor improvement. I would
gain useful knowledge yet I must with many hindrances.

Friday, January 18, 1861
left Home in the morning for my appointments at Holloways Praire.
Took Dinner with Brother Roc? from here I went to Isaac Lacroix's. Staid
all night it appears to me that I am spending my time to a poor purpose.
The people remain sinful.

Saturday, January 19, 1861
at Holloway's Prairie
Preached from 2 Kings 5 chapter 12th verse. I Enjoyed Liberty and
hope some good was done. I was much flattered by some if they did
designedly. I hope My Lord will forgive them for it but if otherwise I pray
God it may not injure(?) me. I want to do right. Lord help me.

Sunday, January 20, 1861
at Haw Creek 11
Pallistine at 3
at Haw Creeks I Preached from 2 Kings 5 Chapter 12 verse. God was
with me. Praise be his good name. At Pallistine I preached from Luke 13,
....8, & the Lord staid by me and strengthened me to declare his word to
dying? sinners may the Lord revine? his work here.

Monday, January 21, 1861
to day is cloud and cold. I returned Home from my appointments and
found all well. How thankful we ought to be for these blessings. I am
conscious of my own unthankfulness. I pray the Lord to make me more
grateful and to sanctify me wholly.

Tuesday, January 22, 1861
to Day it is Still cloudy. I Stayed at Home until in the evening
and then rode to my appointments about thirteen miles. Stopped for the
night at Christian Starks(?) He treated me kindly. May the Lord reward him
for it and serve him in Heaven.

Wednesday, January 23, 1861
Bear Creek
it is now rain but not with thundering(?) I had a few hearers &
tried to preach to them from these words: the Lord is good, a strong hold
in the days of trouble and he knoweth them that trust in him. Nathurn(?)
1st C & 7 verse. I hope some good was done though I made a poor preach.

Thursday, January 24, 1861
Nugent's School
House at 11
The people here had not read the appointments so I had no
congregation. This is a cold, clear Day. Early in the morning is was cloudy
and swnowing but now is quite clear. At my appointments I Saw Brother
Belamy. Took Dinner with Matthew Nugent.

Friday, January 25, 1861
Beaver Creek
Met a few hearers who we(re) attentive. Preached from Maliiachi 3rd
& 1v . I enjoyed liberty in Speaking and I hope some good was done. This
day is cloudy and cold. I pray god give me some sucess among this people. I
want to be useful. Lord give me an humbler heart.

Saturday, January 26, 1861
Gray's Creek
today is again clear and cold. I had but a few hearers. Preached
from Malichei 3rd, V 1&2. The spirit of the Lord seemed to be among the
people. I hope we shall not degenerate into fanaticism(?). Lord, Preserve
us from extreams(?) on(?) their(?) Mind(?) and guide us to the port of

Sunday, January 27, 1861
Hudson's Creek, 11
New Hope, 3
at Hudson's Creek I had but few out, and did not Preach Sung and
Prayer by the Grace of God. I having Determined never to fail preaching
again where I have as many as 8 hearers. At New Hope I preached from
Nahumme 1st & 7th(?) I was happy after service. I went to see a to sick

Monday, January 28, 1861
went from Brother Hendricks (?) to Alexandria a distance of ten
miles, thence home, a distance of twenty three miles, making in all thirty
three. This year I have a great deal of traveling to do so I have but
little time for study but I am trying to use it to the best advantage.

Tuesday, January 29, 1861
This Day I remained at Home. The weather quite nice with a few
flying clouds. We now have every appearance of an open forward(?) Spring.
But I fear we shall yet have a great deal of cold. I feel that I am not
living that exemplary life that becomes a minister of the gospel. Oh for
grace to do my whole duty.

Wednesday, January 30, 1861
This morning is clear; and warm. My Health is good. I hope soon to
he able to enter upon my work more vigorously than ever before in life. May
God strengthen me in this and give me souls for my hire(?) In the evening I
rode out a part of the way to my appointment. Staid all night with Stephen

Thursday, January 31, 1861
Poole's Creek at 11
Preached from Malichi 3rd & 10th to a few attentive hearers. May
the Lord revive his work here this year. Went to Mrs. Wilson's for dinner.
The members of this appointment are very much Back sliders. Both in Heart
and Practice. In the evening we had rain. Staid all night with old Brother

February 1861

Friday, February 1, 1861
I left old Brother Siimmons for Alexandria; but owing to the
unfavorableness of the day I did not go; but turned in and stayed all night
wiht Brother Reece price. I feel that I do not enjoy Holiness of Heart. I
am not as religious as I ought to be. I think too much of this world. Lord
save me.

Saturday, February 2, 1861
left Brother Reece Price's early in the morning for my appointment
at Oak Grove. Went to old Sister Kay's(?) where I stayed all night. I tried
to improve the time to the glory of God. and to my own spirit will
advancement. Yet how short do I fall of my duty. I hope the Lord will make
me more holy & useful.

Sunday, February 3, 1861
Oak Grove
it was bitter cold day. Only a few young people out. I tried to
give them good advice. May God Bless them and make them partakers of his
Holiness and pray that this appointment may be revived this year. Lord thou
knoweth all things. thou knowest that I desire to promote thy glory.

Monday, February 4, 1861
this day I traded for an old Buggy. I have generally noticed that
old property of this kind is not worth much but I do not see how I am (to)
do any better for the present. from brother Alexander's I went to old man
Talley and stopped for the night. He seems a little offish. I know not why.

Tuesday, February 5, 1861
from Mr. Talley's I went to Alexandria then on home to at Mr.
Collins where I am now boarding. I think I Shall get me a house of my own
before the year is out. I think this will be best. A man with a family
needs a home. Today we are in a hubbub in expectation of the wedding.

Wednesday, February 6, 1861
at Home trying to study but how hard it is to apply one's self in
so much confusion. I hope to be better situated some time. Thus it is with
us while we Live. We are always expecting to do better, but also how few
ever do any better. We spend or lives as a tale that is told. Thus it is.

Thursday, February 7, 1861
attend to a marriage at Mr. Collin's.
This day I attend to my first marriage. I was more agitated than I
expected yet got through without making any mistakes. What a Solemn thing
is the marriage vow. Yet How few feel it's importance the giants(?) those
young(?) persons his favor.

Friday, February 8, 1861
to day I and Mrs. Parish and Mrs. Collins all went to an infair at
Stephen Lacroix's. Quite a gay company in attendance. How apt we are to
forget our God at such times. May (I) never forget my Duty nor cease to
feel my responsibility from the infair. Went to Mrs. Newells.

Saturday, February 9, 1861
at Newel's Union
I Preached from Nahisin 1st & 7th the Lord was with me and
Strengthened me greatly. Glory be to his most Holy name. The world was
attended(?) with a divine unction from Heaven. I never spoke with more ease
in all my life. I hope some good was done.

Sunday, February 10, 1861
at Trinity
I Preached from James 4th & 14th. The Lord stand by me; and bare
testimony to his word by the presence of his Holy Spirit. This was a sermon
which I very much dreaded, it being the funeral of a man who was murdered.
But the Lord helped me, Praise be his Holy name.

Monday, February 11, 1861
this (day?) I rode 35 miles. It was a beautiful sunny day
yesterday. We had a great deal of rain real early in the morning. I am
still trying to serve God yet how unworthy a servant I am. Oh that the Lord
would save me from all sin and make me more useful.

Tuesday, February 12, 1861
This day I remained at Home. It is another Beautiful sunny day, and
really looks like Spring. Some think winter has broke, but fear there will
be great deal of cold yet. I am trying to study but I have a bad chance;
but I am determined to make the best use of my time I can. Oh Lord give me
useful knowledge.

Wednesday, February 13, 1861
not withstanding yesterday was a fair day, to day is cloudy and
rainy. I have spent the day at home pursuing my studies the best I can. I
want to be useful to my fellow man. I pray God to give me an understanding
mind that may Learn and retain the great truths of Christianity. I am still
determined to improve.

Thursday, February 14, 1861
I spent the day in reading, but still I do not improve as I ought.
I thirst for knowledge yet I gain but little. It is a beautiful, sunny day.
The air is balmy reminding one of spring. Towards evening the wind which
had been blowing lulled to a calm and the sun made a beautiful sunset
(continued next day's page)

Friday, February 15, 1861
reminding one of the Death of a Christian.
Early this morning we set out for Mr. Givins where we spent the
day. I slept but little. At night it rained and thundered very hard.
(Unusually short this day - only half of his page filled)

Saturday, February 16, 1861
Newel's Union
Sister Waters' Blacks.
I Preached from PSalmns 40th & 1. The negroes seemed much
interested but they seemed dull and have to understand I pray God to make
my visit profitable to both negro and overseer. I passed the night on the
Quarter(?). Lord direct me this year.

Sunday, February 17, 1861
Pallestine at 11
Haw Creek 3
at Pallestine I Preached from 84th Psalm and 11th. I enjoyed some
degree of liberty. The listeners with Interest. held class and had a
precious time. at Haw Creek I Preached from Luke the 11th .... Lord teach
us to pray. I was greatly exausted and did not enjoy liberty.

Monday, February 18, 1861
on Sunday night I Stayed all night with Fountain Price. This
morning it is cloudy though yesterday was a beautiful Sunny Day. from
Brother Price's I went to Mr. Gwin's where I left Mrs. Parish and the
children. to our place of Boarding at Mr. Collin's a Distance of 7 miles
making 27 miles traveled.

Tuesday, February 19, 1861
Mill Creek
I did not go to this appointment for the fact that it had not been
published as yet though I do intend preaching at this place we have a
cloudy close morning in the evening I rode fifteen miles to one of my
appointments. Stayed all night with Christian Starks a sinful man the Lord
have mercy on him.

Wednesday, February 20, 1861
Bear Creek
at my appointments I preached from Luke 18th and first. I enjoyed
some degree of Liberty. God be Praised for unspeakable kindness to me. I
hope good was accomplished which will manifest its self many days hence.
Called to see sister Neal who has had the Typhoid fever.

Thursday, February 21, 1861
Nugent's School House
I Preached at Fish Creek, from Nashims 1 fat & 7. I enjoyed some
degree of liberty. A few attentive hearers. May the Lord Bless their Labor
of the day.
I returned Home Late in the evening and so spent the night. Lord
Bless the Labors of the day.

Friday, February 22, 1861
Beaver Creek
I Preached from Nahimm first Chapter & 7th verse. The Lord Bless me
in the effort. I hope good was done. Some little boys and girls behaved
badly. I reproved them sharply. If parents will not teach their children to
behave themselves in church the minister ought.

Saturday, February 23, 1861
Gray's(?) Creek
Preached from Luke the 18th & I first to a small attentive
congregation. Took dinner with Mr. Chenshaw. Thence to the Tison's I took
it a foot in the evening. I started to Brother Olcots(?) But it rained, and
prevented me. Turned back and stayed at Mr. Tisons.

Sunday, February 24, 1861
Hudson Creek at 11
New Hope at 3
at Hudson's Creek I Preached from Mahisson 1& 7. I enjoyed some
liberty. I hop some good was done. May the Lord Bless what was said. At New
Hope. I preached from Jarriel 4 &14. Made poor out still. I hope some good
was accomplished.

Monday, Februay 25, 1861
today I visited Brother Alcot for the first time (since) I have
been with this work. He is considerablely caught up in the world, still I
hope he is pious. From his house I returned home. Found my family all well.

Tuesday, February 26, 1861
this day I spent at home. I am still trying to improve but I make
very poor progress. I pray God to give me an understanding mind. I want to
be able to preach a good sermon. I do not think this is sinful. A desire to
improve is certainly not wrong.

Wednesday, February 27, 1861
this day passed without any thing's happening of note. I am still
trying to serve God yet how little improvement do I make. I pray God to
give me an understanding mind that I may behold the beauty there is in
holiness. The Lord mercifully look upon me.

Thursday, February 28, 1861
this day I also spent at Home. Three (days) at a time is as much as
I ever spent at Home. This is a disagreable life, yet I hope God will be
with me and strenghten me to do my duty. I believe it is if the Lord would
excuse me I would certainly quit, for it is a disagreable life.

March 1861

Friday, March 1, 1861
Pool's Creek
I Preached from Nashun(?) 1 fst & 7th. I enjoyed Liberty in
speaking. Some of this People seemd to be interested. I hope some good was
done. I now have some hopes that good will Be done here this year. May God
hasten it in his time and save the People who trust in him.

Saturday, March 2, 1861
this Day I traveled about twenty miles over a very muddy road
towards my appoinment on (the) Sabath. Nothing more disagreeable then rough
travel. I stopped for the night with sister Scroggs, an old Methodist. She
has an old Black woman who says she remembered she must be 95, the old
revolutionary. (these last three words "the old revolutionary" added at end
of page between lines ending with words "who" and beginning with "she must

Sunday, March 3, 1861
Oak Grove
Preached from Nahun(?) 1 fst & 7th. I enjoyed liberty in speaking
from this text. May the Lord Bless what was said to the good of the People.
At night I preached to Brother Alexander's Negroes from 4 & 7(?) Psalm. 1,
2, & 3 verses. I hope some good was effected.

Monday, March 4, 1861
to Day I visted old Brother Snoddy, a good man, but lacking in
manegment(?). He is now sick, and may die. The Balance of the Day I spent
at Brother Alexander's with the exception of riding up to Mr. Abraham's. He
was not at Home. The night I spent at Brother Alexander's. Tried to read
and study some at night.

Tuesday, March 5, 1861
this Day I Spent in visiting my flock in the neighborhood of Oak
Grove Church. I think of some of them are living religious but their piety
as a general thing to superficial. I pray that God may revive his work here
this year.

Wednesday, March 6, 1861
this morning I started soon for home over a very muddy road.
Arrived at Alexandria about half past two o'clock. Called at Brother
Cravins(?)., made the acquaintance of sister C. I formed a favorable
opinion of her. Stayed all night with Brother Coats. He and his wife are
pious, I think.

Thursday, March 7, 1861
left his for house (or horse) early. He rode some miles with me in
my buggy. I still will of him though he is rough in his manners. I arrived
at home about two o clock and found all well. God be thanked. in the
evening Mr. Ferguson came in. I have formed a favorable opinion of him.

Friday, March 8, 1861
this morning I started with my wife and children for sister Newel's
at Holloway's Prairie. we were overtaken by a storm at Brother Simmons and
did not reach out place of testimonial until the next day. How terrible is
God when he rides on the wings of the wind and sheds in thunder.

Saturday, March 9, 1861
Newel's Union
Preached from Psalms 84th & 11. I enjoyed liberty. God be thanked
one man Nathaniel Paul presented himself for membership. He was recd. may
God save him in Heaven. Thence to McCann's a distance of ten miles. I rode
after Preaching where I stay all night.

Sunday, March 10, 1861
I preached from 15 chapter of first Corenthians 35th verse. I did
not enjoy as much liberty in speaking as usual though as this is a new
subject with me. most studdy it better. Baptised three children may the
Lord Bless and save them.

Monday, March 11, 1861
I stayed at Mr. Grimes, until ten o'clock, and left for Mr. Wise's
where I took dinner. I wish these Gentlemen would be religious. The Lord
pour upon them His holy spirit. From Mr. Wise's I went to Dr. Waters. Staid
all night. His wife is a most an excellent Lady.

Tuesday, March 12, 1861
I left Dr. Waters for Mr. Stilley's. Here I stayed but a short
time, and left for Mr. McCans, lost my way and had a rough rout (route?) of
it. This seemed to be rather providential as I passed several houses and
made the acquaintance of the People. May God bless them. Took Dinner at
Britta McCan's.2 Thence retruned home found

Wednesday, March 13, 1861
well or otherwise, I returned to Mrs. Newel's where my family are
on a visit. This morning I rode across the Prairie to Mr. Oneals to where I
had been sent for during my absence to visit a sick child. I arrived in
time to attend the Burial servis. the Parents were much effected. May this
affliction prove a Blessing to them.

Thursday, March 14, 1861
I left Mrs. Newels early this morning they have been unusually kind
to us. It is rather strange to me that they do not join the church. They
have only been Presbyterians but are now in connection with our church. we
took dinner at Brother Price's. Staid all night with Sister LaCroix. a kind
Lady. May the Lord bless her and all hers. Amen.

Friday, March 15, 1861
to sister Waters' Blacks. I Preached from 139 Salm. These negroes
seem much interested. I hope I shall be able to effect some good among
The overseer and his Lady treated me very kindly. May the Lord pour
his grace into their Hearts. Staid all night on the place.

Saturday, March 16, 1861
Quarterly Meeting at Pallestine
Brother Ivy was present and Preached with his usual freedom. we had
a very sorry turn out. my own opinion as to him is that he has last much
of his pulpit power. we had meeting night. But a very poor sermon and 400$
is what is allowed me this year.

Sunday, March 17, 1861
Quarterly meeting at Palestine. This was a cold, cloudy day, rain
at night. We had a poor turn out again. Brother Ivy did not speak as well
today. As usual there were very few communicants the whole servis (sic) was
very Dry to me. May God make it proffitable.

Monday, March 18, 1861
This morning we left Brother Reece Price's early for our home in
the Pine Woods It is quite cold. The wind is blowing from the North. We
stayed for dinner at William Tison's. Thence Home we found all things right
and as we left them. Had a cold night. How vain are all our expectations
unless God smiles.

Tuesday, March 19, 1861
Bear Creek
At Home we had a heavy frost for the season at half past one. I
started for my appointment on Bear Creek. Went to Brother Reeve's where I
staid all night. He is a good man and has a good religious wife. His
children are promising. May the Lord make them useful in his church.

Wednesday, March 20, 1861
Fish Bear Creek
I preached from Luke 14 & 27th. This was one of my failures. Why is
it that I cannot preach at all times alike.
I took dinner at Mr. Sturk's Home. I went to Brother Awls, where I
staid all night. This my first night with him. May the Lord make it a
blessing for his family. I am seeking to be useful.

Thursday, March 21, 1861
Beaver Fish Creek
Preached from Luke 14 &27th the Lord helped me and we had a good
feeling among us. One Lady joined. She appeared verry firm. I hope she will
make a good Christian. Went home with Brother Nugent for Dinner where I
tried to do what good I could. from here, I got home.

Friday, March 22, 1861
Beaver Creek
it was a cloudy, threatening day. There were but few out. I made a
few remarks from Luke 14 &27. In returning home we broke the shaft fo our
Buggy and had quite a time of it. We have many things to bear in this life
and need divine grace for the combat.

Saturday, March 23, 1861
Gray's Creek
I preached from Luke 14 &27th did not enjoy much liberty but hope
some good was done. Went home with Mr. Gwin at night. Our little girl had
the cough very badly. I am afraid we shall lose her some time with this

Sunday, March 24, 1861
Hudson Creek at 11
New Hope at 3
at Hudson Creek I Preached from 87 Psalm 11 verse. I enjoyed
liberty. God Be praised for his goodness to me. At Pool's Creek I Preached
from Luke 14 &27 the Lord staid by me. Praise be his holy name. This has
been a day of toil to me but thank God for his goodness to me.

Monday, March 25, 1861
from Stephen LaCroix's where I staid all night. I went all night. I
went to Alexandria. There I staid some two hours transacting business, and
left home my little daughter to whom I left sick, I found better. Thank God
for his goodness to me. I know I am too ungrateful and apt to repent but my
trust is in Jesus.

Tuesday, March 26, 1861
from Mr. Gwin's where I left my family. I made my way to my place
of boarding. I have now a few days of rest. May the Lord help me to improve
it to his glory. I am trying to live more to purpose. Yet how little
progress do I make. I pant(?) after more(?) of God yet I am unholy.

Wednesday, March 27, 1861
this Day I spent at home reading may Books and trying (to) prepare
for my examination (at the) next conference. I am trying this year to be
more diligent in my calling then ever. I try to make improvement my motto.
Oh that God would pour upon me the holy spirit. sanctify and make me

Thursday, March 28, 1861
early this morning there were clouds to be seen in the east towards
evening. It became clear but quite warm and windy. The day upon my own part
was spent in reading & meditation. I wish I had more time that I might
spend in this way. I feel that it does me good. Oh my God help me to use
all my time to thy Glory.

Friday, March 29, 1861
this morning I was up early and after a Turkey why is it that I do
not rise equally early to be about the work of my Heavenly Father. The
morning was windy and the sky was overspread with flying clouds. We made
our way up to old Brother Matthew Nugent's where we spent the night.

Saturday, March 30, 1861
this morning is cloudy and cold. I went to my appointment in
company with Brother Matthew Nugent. Had but a few hearers. Preached from
Malichi 3rd &1a. I enjoyed some liberty, and I do hope some good was
accomplished. Took dinner with Brother. All returned to Brother Nugents &
stayed all night.

Sunday, March 31, 1861
I Preached from first Timothy & 15. The Lord Stood by me. I was
happy. The people gave good attention. I hope seed was sowed which will
spring up many days hence. Went home with Brother Nugent {William} for
Dinner where I we staid all night. This a good family.

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