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Bienvenue dans le District de Lake Charles! (Welcome to the Lake Charles District!) This district is as rich with traditions and vast landscapes as it is rich with many United Methodist churches. 

Traveling throughout the district you will find the Cross and Flame on United Methodist Churches that sit in a vast of settings. Churches sit in some of the most beautiful, rural settings you will ever see! Others churches sit along the main streets of quaint, small towns or sit on the street corners in large cities!

Within the bounds of the Lake Charles District, United Methodist Churches can be found as far north as the Leesville area and parts of Vernon Parish, as far south as Cameron and Vermillion Parish, as far east as Rayne, LA along the I-10 corridor, and as far west as Vinton, Louisiana. Here you can experience the beauty of the jetties and salt water in the lower parishes of the district to the rolling hills and freshwater lakes to the north.

Mix all of these things together and you will find United Methodists in churches of all sizes and communities in the Lake Charles District who are eager to open their hearts and their minds and their doors! Here you will find United Methodists whose mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

United Methodist-related Institutions in the Lake Charles District

  • Uskichitto (LeBlanc)
  • McNeese State Wesley Foundation (Lake Charles)


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