Hurricane Season


Are You and Your Church Ready
for the Upcoming Hurricane Season? 


No longer is it a question of IF a storm will strike Louisiana, it's a question of WHEN. Now is the time to prepare for the season. 

To help, we are holding an informational ZOOM webinar; featuring Bill Howell, Rev. Bob Deich, Rev. John Robert Black, Chris Spencer and Jeff Albright from the Independent Insurance Agents of Louisiana.

Here are some of the topics we plan to address: 

  • Learn how the Louisiana Conference is preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.
  • Tips on how you and your church can prepare.
  • Insight from insurance experts on how your church should prepare.
  • Tips on how to prepare mentally prepare yourself for the challenge of storm recovery and storm ministry.
  • Learn how the Louisiana Conference continues to respond to both southwest and southeast Louisiana

Download the Insurance Checklist

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