How Will It Work?

If the proposed plan is passed, it will take effect January 1.

The  $299 monthly premium would be replaced with an annual $1,200 HRA subsidy.

This new proposed plan will provide eligible participants with a health reimbursement account (HRA) that helps offset the cost of an individual Medicare supplemental or advantage plan.

If passed, participants in the Louisiana system will now be responsible for choosing and paying for their own health coverage—but the HRA will help cover the cost.

Each participant will have access to a “Private Exchange” through Via Benefits, in partnership with Wespath. This access will be for multiple Medicare supplement or Advantage plans under one-on-one consultation and assistance.

Plus, there will be the assistance of a grant under a Catastrophic Prescription plan to assist with up to $7,000 per year per participant in hopes that no one is left behind.


Partnership with Via Benefits

The Conference Office understands important choices will need to be made about the various health care coverage plans and options. To help everyone make informed decisions with confidence, this proposed change comes with a partnership with a company called Via Benefits, licensed benefit advisors who will serve as advocates and will help participants choose the Medicare coverage plan that best serves their medical needs and fits their individual budgets.

These knowledgeable, objective advisors will be available to support and assist in making these decisions. They will guide participants through the entire process and their assistance is provided at no cost to the individual participant. To date, Via Benefits has helped numerous retirees evaluate and enroll in plans.


Via Benefits will provide personalized assistance, such as:

  • Individualized telephone support to help make an informed and confident enrollment decision for Medicare supplemental coverage.
  • Education about the differences between various plans, and the costs of each of those plans;
  • Advice and decision-making support, based on current coverage and future needs; and
  • Assistance with enrolling in medical, prescription drug, dental and vision plans.

Via Benefits will also offer a customized website where you can learn about plan options available in your area, begin evaluating those options and get more details about the enrollment process.

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