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Dear friends and fellow missioners,

I write on the behalf of the Christian Leadership Center to invite you or anyone you know who might be interested to Partnership, an innovative one-week course in Haiti that equips participants with the skills to promote social justice within or outside their own communities.  It will take place May 7-May 13, 2016.  

Partnership focuses on effective engagement and cooperation within different Haitian communities.  By engaging with communities, organizations, and individuals involved in community development and social justice initiatives in Haiti, participants will learn about the complexities of human rights in Haiti becoming better equipped to work alongside Haitians to improve their communities.

Our program offers an optional Christian education component that provides individuals with the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and problems that coincide with traditional Christian missions. Participants will be encouraged to analyze and reflect on their experiences in Haiti through a faith-based lens, and explore theological support for more beneficial ways to partner with Haitians to stimulate active change in the country. 

Participants will stay 5 nights at the Partners in Health (Zanmi Lasante) complex in Cange, Haiti, a small town in the Central Plateau region. From Cange, we will travel to several nearby communities either by foot or vehicle. We will spend two nights in Port-au-Prince to visit human rights organizations and experience Haitian culture. Cost is a flat rate of $1150.00 USD, not including travel between the U.S. and Port-au-Prince. This includes in-country expenses such as lodging, translation, meals, tips, transportation and activities.

I am so excited to provide and participant in this worthwhile educational experience.   I hope that you consider joining us.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 318.423.0913.   For information about the trip and registration please go to  

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