Guidelines For Submitting Articles

It is really very easy to put together an article about your Louisiana Volunteers in Mission missions!

Just remember to include the following information:

  • Who—who went on the mission? (i.e. A LAVIM team comprised of 14 members of St. Paul UMC, anytown Louisiana . . .)
  • What—what kind of mission? (medical, construction, VBS . . . this is where you can embellish and write a paragraph or three)
  • When—when did the team complete the mission? (dates)
  • Where—where did the team serve? (what country, city)
  • Why—why did the team serve this area? What were the needs of the area/institution?
  • How—this is just an extension of the “what.” Be specific on what kinds of work were done.
  • Last, and most important, try to include short quotes from team members on how they were impacted by serving on the team. And, if possible, include a quote or two from the folks who were served through the mission.

Please submit articles to Betty Backstrom, Conference Communications Director, at Pictures are really essential! Please select four of your most interesting (and clear) photos to include. Send the photos as JPG files, individually in separate emails to be sure that they arrive to Betty (sometimes large files do not go through easily!)

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