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Peer/Covenant Group Resources

In line with our Wesleyan heritage, we believe that one of the most effective ways we can grow as a covenant community is by taking part in regular peer/covenant groups together. To that end, it is our desire and expectation that all elders in the Louisiana conference, beginning with ourselves, participate at least monthly in peer/covenant groups.
The purpose of these groups is:
·         To pray for and with one another
·         To keep each other accountable in areas such as spiritual growth and physical wellness
·         To ask the historic question, “How is it with your soul?”
·         To support one another by sharing ideas and using one another as “sounding boards”
·         To have the “covenantal sharing” necessary for the order of elders
·         To be a catalyst to draw others into covenant
·         To build trust and promote healing
While these groups should be clergy-only groups, they do not need to be comprised of elders only.
Below are links to helpful information about peer/covenant groups.
  • GBOD offers good resources for lay covenant groups which could be fine-tuned for clergy use:
  • Here is a page with Wesley's questions for Self-Examination
  • More to come
If you have a resource you would like to add to this page please send an email to with the file or link attached.