Applications for ministry grants for local churches in the Louisiana Conference are received throughout the year. Grants range from $500 to $20,000 and applications are available on line under the administration of the Conference Mission and Mercy Team.  

The grants are available to address a variety of local church ministries and projects.   Specific purposes and criteria apply to each grant. 

The LaFon Home Grant

Up to $10000/20000 specifically for ministries with African American, urban and poverty contexts

Resources from a portion of the sale of the LaFon Home, a conference held property, are available to create, sustain, and grow ministry in the African-American context, ministry in urban settings, and ministry with people of poverty.  Priority will be given to, but not limited to, ministry in the New Orleans area.  Applicants for this grant will be received throughout the year.  Basic project grants can be given up to $10,000.  Larger grants can be considered up to $20,000 with matching funds in hand. 

Apply for a LaFon Home Grant

Support Action Ministry (SAM)

Up to $2000 available annually to assist establishment of a new mission project

This long established grant program is once again available.  These resources can be used to provide a portion of the initial funding necessary for a local church to establish a new mission project.  Grants up to $2,000 can be given and can be renewed by application for a total of three years.

Apply for SAM

Vital Conversations Grants

$500 per event available to encourage and support vital conversations about systematic
inequalities between two churches

Create and resource a vital conversations about race, cultural diversity, xenophobia, privilege, and systematic equality between two churches, at least one of which is United Methodist.   $500 could be used to purchase materials and other resources to facilitate a conversation.

Apply for a Vital Conversations Grant

Peacemaker Quick Action Grant

$500 per event available to equip a local church to act as a peacemaker during moments of social unrest

This is a quick turnaround for resources to equip the local church as a peacemaker in a time of social unrest or protest. Applications will be received year-round and can be approved in a 24hour period to allow churches to be immediate ministry with water, snacks, sunscreen, first aid supplies and symbols of peace.  

Apply for a Peacemaker Quick Action Grant

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