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Zoom Webinar Conference Quick Tips 

Please click the link to direct you to the voting page


Zoom Q&A Feature

The Q & A Feature

Zoom Webinar is equipped with a Q & A feature that will allow your conference atendees to post questions they want answered. GNTV, and the Bishop can also use this feature to help guide the work of the business session.

Uses for Q & A

The question and answer portions can work as a communal forum. It will allow conference delegates to make motions, amendments, call the question, second an action, and or be recognized for a point of order, similar to in-person conferences.

How to Post Q&A

If you would like to do one of the actions listed above, specific wording is requested. You may directly ask a question if needed with no particular formatting.


Second: the motion
Second: the amendment
Point of order: Do we need to vote through a suspension of rules?
Amendment: To modify the suspension of the rules, motion to cover the remainder of the annual conference business sessions.

Speaker Recognition

The Raise Hand Feature

To be recognized to speak on an item before the body, we will use Zoom's Raise Hand feature, which allows attendees to indicate that they wish to speak or to vote in a show of hands. As with typical Annual Conferences, hands will need to braised and lowered as speeches for and against are taken. 

To Raise Your Hand 

To Raise Your Hand, click the gray hand icon at the bottom of your Zoom window. The icon will turn blue, and the bishop will turn blue, and the bishop will be notified. 

To Lower Your Hand

After you have been recognized, or if you no longer need to be recognized, you can lower your hand by clicking the hand icon again. The hand will turn gray. 

To Speak 

If the bishop recognizes your raised hand, they may choose to allow you to speak. If so, you will receive a prompt to unmute your mic. Unmute your mic by clicking "confirm", and speak. 

To ask a question, please visit our other resources on using Zoom's Question and Answer feature. 

Zoom Polling Feature  


Online Voting Instructions

Secure Online Voting Web Portal

What Do You Need to Vote?

  1. Six digit "Voter ID" as provided in advance. 
  2. "Ballot Code" which will be given for each ballot during the live session. (Remember that all letters in the "Ballot Code" are lower case letters!)
  3. A web browser on your computer or a second device (phone, tablet, etc.).

Practice Voting is Now Available!

  1. Visit for video instructions 
  2. At, enter Ballot Code: "demo12"
  3. Click the green "Load Ballot" button
  4. Enter the practice Voter ID: "123456"
  5. Make your voting selection(s)
  6. Click the blue "Submit" button 
  7. Click the green "Return to Start" button

That's it! Go ahead and practice again!

Secure online voting is being provided by GNTV Media Ministry. Learn more about how we can support your Annual Conference by contacting David Wood at or 478-745-2366

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