2016 Delegation

Pictured, front row, are Rev. Andy Goff, Carolyn Dove, Rev. Juliet Spencer; second row, staggered, Rev. Ellen Alston, Rob Fairly Jr., Dr. Terrel DeVille, Olivia Pruett, Walter Weiss, Rev. Bernadine Johnson, Rev. Katie McKay Simpson, Pete Aguila, Rev. Juan Huertas, Amanda Price, Rev. Lynn Malone and Stacy Hood; and back row, Revs. James Mitchell and Matt Rawle. Not pictured are Rev. Pat Day, Dr. Sarah Kreutziger and Todd Rossnagel.

The Louisiana Conference delegation, in preparation for the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conferences, has most recently gathered to interview Louisiana candidates for the Episcopacy. The delegation will vote in August on whether or not to endorse a candidate; new bishops for the South Central Jurisdiction will be elected at the SCJ Conference, slated for July 13-16, 2016 in Wichita, Kansas.

The United Methodist denomination’s General Conference will be held May 10-20, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. The Lay delegates to General Conference are Carolyn Dove, Dr. Sarah Kreutziger, Pete Aguila and Dr. Terrel DeVille. Clergy delegates are Revs. Andy Goff, Juliet Spencer, Pat Day and Bernadine Johnson. Additional clergy delegates to Jurisdictional Conference are Revs. Lynn Malone, Juan Huertas, Ellen Alston and James Mitchell; and additional Lay delegates are Stacy Hood, Amanda Price, Walter Weiss and Olivia Pruett. Alternate Clergy delegates are Revs. Katie McKay Simpson and Matt Rawle; and Lay delegates are Rob Fairly, Jr. and Todd Rossnagel.

Listed below are the General Conference legislative committee assignments as well as email addresses for each delegate:

Carolyn Dove, Church and Society 2,  
Dr. Sarah Kreutziger, Discipleship,  
Pete Aguila, General Administration,  
Dr. Terrel DeVille, Judicial Administration,  
Rev. Andy Goff, Ministry and Higher Education/Superintendency,  
Rev. Dr. Juliet Spencer, Faith and Order  
Rev. Dr. Pat Day, Financial Administration,  
Rev. Bernadine Johnson, Local Church,  

Stacy Hood (Observer), Conferences,
Amanda Price (Observer), Independent Commissions,
Rev. Lynn Malone (Observer), Church and Society 1,
Rev. Juan Huertas (Observer), Global Ministries,


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