Funding our Ministry Together

In The United Methodist Church, we believe we can accomplish much more together in community with others than we can alone. Thus, we join together with churches across the district, the annual conference, the United States, and the world to do ministry.  

Our money does ministry in the towns and countryside of Louisiana through our local churches.  But it also moves and does ministry in places like Ruston, Sulphur and the North Shore through the United Methodist Children’s Home; in New Orleans through St. Mark’s and the North Rampart Community Center; on the border between Mexico and the United States; in Africa through the United Methodist Committee on Relief and Africa University; and many more places.  

Our money helps train clergy and laity to make disciples, supports new churches around the world, and provides needed support for educational and humanitarian efforts around the world.  

We do all of this through being a generous people, being good stewards of what we have, at the local church and at all levels of our church structure; and working together through apportionments.  An Apportionment basically means we give a portion of what we have locally to the larger mission.  

Advance Specials and Special Sundays are two other ways we as United Methodist give.  These ways of giving support specific missions. 

Learn More About Advanced Specials and Special Sundays

Learn More About Apportionments

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