2018-19 Acadiana District Directory

2018-19 Monroe District Directory

2018-19 Shreveport District Calendar

Acadiana Church Worship Times

Accident Insurance Application

Accident Insurance Application

Adobe HBP -Verbatim.Spiritual Companioning

Adobe.HBP-Personal Progress Report-B

Amendment 1

Amendment XX

Amendment XXl

Annual Report

Application Form Fillable

Appointment of Deacon in Full Connection

Appointment to Extension Ministry

Audit Packet

BCBS Add or Drop Dependent Coverage

BCBS Claim Form Medical

BCBS Claim Form Prescription

BCBS Enrollment Change Fillable Form

BCBS Health Ins Claim Form

Before-Tax and After Tax Personal Contributions Agreement

Bereavement Leave for Clergy


Biography Ken Irby

Bishop event request form

Bishop’s Laity Retreat schedule

Brand New Disciple Bible Study Opportunity for You

Candidacy Interview Guide

Certified Lay Servant Chg Conf Report

CEU self directed learning document PDF

CEU self directed learning document Word

Checklist for Deacon and Elder Candidates

Checklist for Local Pastors

Church Group Registration

church musician wanted

Church Starts Ministry Brochure

Cleaning Bucket Kit

Clergy Retirement Eligibility

Clergy Retirement Process

Clergy Retirement Security Plan

CLM Application

Comprehensive Protection Plan

Conference Disaster Plan

Conference Policy Manual

Conference Policy Manual

Consent for Background History Check Form Fillable

Covenant Web Promo



Curriculum - Dios Te Acompaña

Declalaration of Candidacy

Designation of Beneficiary for Retirement and Welfare Plans - Particpant

Diaconal and Certified Professional

Disaster Quick Resource Survey pdf

Disaster Quick Resource Survey word

Disaster Supplies Kit

Discovering Your Authentic Leadership

Tending our lives required reading

Division of Elders Guidelines for Support and Supervision

Doretha Brown Youth Scholarship Application PDF

Early Response Training

EFT - Church Benefits Authorization Form

EFT - Retiree Surv Spouse health deduction GBOPHB check

EFT - Retiree Surv Spouse health deduction LA Ann Conf

Eligibility and Rates For Health Plan

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information Form Fillable

Enrollment Form CRSP, UMPIP, CPP

Enrollment form GBOPHB

Enrollment form GBOPHB Laity

Estelle Damerson Scholarship Form PDF

Example Of Team Member Budget

Excellence in Ministry Equals Character and Competence

Excellence in Ministry Equals Character and Competence

Expectations of Adults

Form 102

Bio (Personal Data Inventory)

Form 103

Medical  Report of Ministerial Candidate

Form 104

Declaration of Candidacy for Ordained Ministry

Form 105

Application for Clergy Relationship to The Annual Conference

Form 106

Application for Change in Clergy Relationship to The Annual Conference

Form 107

Application for Readmission to Clergy Relationship With Annual Conference

Form 110

Course of Study for Ordained Ministry 2009-2012

Form 111

Studies In United Methodist History, Doctrine, and Polity

Form 113

Form 114

Candidate Disclosure Form

Form 115

Candidacy Renewal Form

Form 116

2013 Scholarship Information


FORM 1c Louisiana Conference Health Care Benefit Resolution

FORM 1d Accountable Reimbursement Plans

FORM 1e Report of the Pastor Word format

FORM 1f Local Church Lay Servant Annual Report ..

FORM 1g Lay Speaker Annual Report ...

FORM 1h Certified Lay Servant Annual Report ...

FORM 2a HSA Eligibility for Contributions

FORM 2b GBOP Waiver of Participation CRSP

FORM 2c GBOP Waiver of Participation - Church Sponsored UMPIP

FORM 2d Personal UMPIP Reminder ...

FORM 2e GBOP Before-Tax and After-Tax Contributions Agreement

FORM 3a Local Church Leadership On-Line Entry Instructions Word format

FORM 3b Verification Sheet on Local Church Property and Liabilty Insurance

FORM 3c Parsonage Inspection Check List

FORM 4a La NOW Magazine Paid Subscription Order Form Word format

Full Connection Elders

GBOP Billing Change Form

Guidelines for Clergy Mentor - Coach Deacon



Guidelines for Clergy Mentor - Coach for Elders

Guidelines for Clergy Mentor - Coach for local pastors and OF

Guidelines for Support and Supervision Deacons Serving Within the LA Conference

H 3 Verbatim Form 3 columns word

Hands On



Health Care Team Member Evaluation Form Fillable

Health Savings Account

Hiv Testing Manual

Host Evaluation Form Fillable

HSA Additional Deposit Form

HSA Change Form

HSA Claim Form

HSA Eligibility for Contributions

HSA Enrollment Form

Important Forms for Benefits

Individual and Family Evacuation Plan

International Missions

Interview Response Form

Istrouma Waiver

Jr. and Sr. High Retreat packing list

Jr. High Retreat Registration Form Word

Junior High Retreat Church Registration

La Conference Guidelines for Protective Measures on Misconduct of a Sexual Nature

La Conference Guidelines for Protective Measures on Misconduct of a Sexual Nature

Laity EiM way to use with individual groups or churches

Laity EiM instrument for short time membership

Laity EiM instrument for Laity Session

Laity Eim-L3

LAVIM Mission Covenant Form Fillable

Lay Servant Annual Report Form

Lay Speaker Charge Conference Report

Local Church Lay Servant Chg Conf Report

Local Church Self-Evaluation Form

Local Church Self-Evaluation Form

Louisiana Conference Restructure Diagram (Pre-Conference Report)

Louisiana Conference Restructure Proposal (Submission to Rules Committee)

Louisiana Now! Subscription

Louisiana YSF Grant Application


Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program

Medical and Liability Release

Medical and Liability Release Form Fillable

Medical Information - Physician's Form

Medical Information - Physician's Form Fillable

Ministers Emergency Aid Fund

Mission Covenant

Mission Insite Create

Mission Insite Create

Mission Insite Intro

Mission Insite Intro

Mission Insite Reg

Registration Mission Insite

Mission Today criteria PDF

NEJ Insurance Form (.doc)

NEJ Insurance Form (.pdf)

Next Steps in the Wilderness

Notification Of Death

Notification Of Death (with MX) Form Fillable

Notification Of Death Form Fillable

Opportunities to Participate or Serve on Three Day Weekends

Optional Life Insurance Plan

Our Life Together Ministerial Ethics

Our Life Together Ministerial Ethics

Outline of lay speaking course

Parental Consent

Parental Consent Form Fillable

Pension Plans for Service Prior to January 1

Plan Document

Policy 100

CBOM Candidacy Process Funding

Policy 101

CBOM Clergy Counseling Funds

Policy 102

CBOM Candidates of Board Members who are Relatives

Policy 103

Transfer of Conference Membership

Policy 104

Changing Orders

Policy 105

 BOM Record Retention

Policy 106

Vacation for Clergy

Policy 107

CBOM Continuing Education for Clergy and Lay Professionals

Policy 109

Transfers Recognition Rights OD

Policy 110

Student Ser

Policy 200

Div. of Elder Probatiionary Elder Theological Requirements

Policy 201

Div. of Elders Sem. Student Service Loan

Policy 202

Div. of Elders Extension Min. Student Ser. Loan Repayment

Policy 203

Div. of Elders Probationary Process in State

Policy 205

Div. of Elders Requirements Clergy other denominations

Policy 300

Procedural recommendations for those being certified
(professionally or paraprofessionally) in the Louisiana Conference

Policy 304

Div. of Deacons Theological Studies Requirements

Policy 400

 Div. of LP and AM Process to Become an Associate Member

Policy 402

Div. of LP and AM LPs who Have Not Completed Educational Requirements

Policy 403

Advanced Course of Study Funding

Policy 404

Course of Study Payment

Policy 405


Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions Notice

Preliminary Site Visit Form Fillable

Preparing for the child

Property Liability Release Form Fillable

Provisionary Elders

Recommendation for Associate Membership

Record of Donated Assets

Record of Donated Assets Form Fillable

Register Now!

Register Today

Remittance Report

Required Notices

Retiree Moving Expense Voucher


Retirement in General

Retreat Opportunities for Laity

RideShare Registration

Risk Reduction Checklist

Risk Reduction Checklist

Safe Sanctuaries Compliance Form

Compliance Form (to be turned in at audit )

Safe Sanctuaries DVD Study Guide

Safe Sanctuaries DVD Study Guide

SAM Grant Application

Sample VIM Budget (.odf)

Sample VIM Budget (.xls)


Sexual Ethics Policy

Sexual Ethics Policy for Professing Members

Sexual Ethics Policy Overview

Shreveport District Fall Lay Servant School Registration Form


Special Benefits for Retired Clergy

Special Instructions for churches with more than one associate pastor pdf

St John of the Cross Reading Guide

Student Information for Churches and Families

Suggested Resources from SCJ TLToolkit

Supervision Agreement

Talent Form

Team Member Evaluation Form Fillable

The Parental Authority to be Involved - PDF

The Parental Authority to be Involved - PDF

The Parental Authority to Be Involved PPT

The Parental Authority to Be Involved PPT

Thibodaux Skeeter Run flyer

trak1 Sign Up

Conference sign up

UMPIP Change Form

UMPIP Enrollment Form




UMW Sunday Report

United Concordia Claim Form Dental

United Concordia Claim Form Dental Instructions

United Methodist Personal Investment Plan

UNUM Long Term Disability

UNUM Long Term Disability & Life Insurance Plans

Vacation and Days Off Policy

Verbatim Form.3

Verbatim Template

Waiver of Participation CRSP

Waiver of Participation UMPIP

Wesley Center donation card

wesley zipline flyer

Who to Contact (Benefits)

Who To Contact (Finances)

Woman in Mission Form PDF

Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act

Youth Covenant Agreement

Youth Service Fund Bulletin Insert

Youth Specialist Road Map

Youth Team Evaluation Form Fillable