Finance Webinar

Do you have questions about the state of financial affairs inside the Louisiana Conference? Are you curious as to how budgets are formed and for what purposes? Did you read something in the Pre-Conference report of the 2021 Annual Conference and have a question?

If so, we are here to help.

In an effort to help all of our delegates do their best work prior to the 2021 Annual Conference, we are holding an information, live and interactive webinar session focused on the financial state of affairs inside the Louisiana Conference. 

Join us Thursday, May 13th
3:00pm - 5:00pm

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Our hosts will answer your questions and provide an update on the state of finances inside the Louisiana Conference.

The Pre-Conference report for the 2021 Annual Conference will serve as our guide during the webinar. 

You can find the Pre-Conference report here

If you would like to submit a question, you are encouraged to do so. Please fill out this form and your question will be considered. 

Our hosts for the Thursday May 13th webinar are:
  • Sandy O'Brien, Executive Director, Administrative Services; Office of Finance
  • Kenny Beauvais, Committee on Finance & Administration
  • Rev. Dr. Van Stinson, Assistant to the Bishop, Clergy Excellence
  • Rev. Weldon Bares, Vice Chair, CFA

The Administrative Ministries Office of the Louisiana Annual Conference is responsible for working with the Council on Finance and Administration; local church Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Finance Committees; the Bishop and District Superintendents; and the various committees, boards, commissions and tasks forces of the Annual Conference and the general church to provide the assistance and resources necessary to provide sound financial practices and financial resources required for ministry on a long term basis.

In doing this work, we are guided by the core values of the Louisiana Annual Conference:  integrity, accountability, an unrelenting love for all people, courage and risk, and holding nothing sacred but the mission.


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