Fighting Information Disorder

Tired of Disinformation Distracting You and Your Church?

Learn how to respond with grace, honesty and integrity


Sadly, disinformation and misinformation are running rampant in our churches right now. Organized efforts to mislead people weaken our ability to address urgent needs in our communities and churches.

All of us have felt the impact of these confusion campaigns in our churches, our personal relationships, and especially online.

Fortunately, the more we know about information disorder, the better equipped we are to protect ourselves, our churches, and one another.

Tuesday, April 18th
10:00am - 4:00pm
Wesley Center
Woodworth, LA


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We are pleased to announce that Sabrina Joy Stevens will join us LIVE in-person for an engaging one-day workshop in Woodworth, LA at The Wesley Center.

Stevens has served as an accomplished communications and issue campaign strategist for several of America’s leading labor and civil rights organizations, and confronted mis- and disinformation in numerous public policy conversations.

Virtually all of us have fallen prey to its deceptive, divisive effects in some aspect of our lives and have felt its consequences in our relationships and other issues that affect our shared quality of life. But while social scientists have only recently begun to name, define and address this problem, God has been warning us about it through Scripture for thousands of years. 

In this Spirit-filled workshop, Stevens unpacks how the Bible exposes the age-old tactics used to lure people into division and destruction. She also takes a fresh look at the spiritual armor God invited us to use to resist these schemes. Information disorder may be a tale as old as time, but it doesn't have to define our future – if we can cultivate the courage to heed God's warnings and walk in the love and wisdom He readily lavishes on all of us. 

Together with Todd Rossnagel, Director of Communications for the Louisiana Conference, we will explore:   

  • What information disorder is and why it’s become such a widespread problem

  • How information disorder interacts with other forms of political manipulation to destabilize people and communities

  • Proactive habits & steps we can take to protect ourselves, our communities, and our causes from the insidious effects of information disorder

  • How to respond with grace, truth and integrity

  • What could be on the horizon in the next year, and how to prepare for the next 'confusion campaign'

Space is limited, so please register today


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