2023 Theme

The annual conference design team has announced the theme for this year's conference;  Hope

Hope is inspired by Mark 2:1-12, the story of Jesus Healing a Paralyzed Man. It is a theme that speaks to the resilience of clergy, laity and church members in the Louisiana Conference, particularly in light of the challenges faced over the past few years.

The 2023 annual conference is particularly special, as it marks the first annual conference session for Bishop Delores J. Williamston in her role as bishop in Louisiana. Bishop Williamston was elected bishop in November of 2022 and subsequently assigned to the Louisiana Conference and began her term on January 1, 2023.

Bishop Williamston recently wrapped up her "Boots on the Ground" tour, where she visited various churches and communities across the Conference and says 'hope' was a recurring theme and one that she would like to build upon.

"I was able to gain tremendous insight into the needs in Louisiana," she said. "The tour gave me a unique perspective on the strengths and challenges in our state. Over and over, I heard from clergy and laity that hope remains in our Conference! I am tremendously excited to not only share in that hope but to help cast a vision for our Conference."

As anticipation builds for this year's annual conference, members of the Louisiana Conference are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to come together, connect, and chart a course forward that is grounded in faith and hope.

An annual conference is always an important event for the Louisiana Conference, as it provides an opportunity for both clergy members and lay members to come together in worship, fellowship, and to conduct the business of the conference. Reports on past and ongoing work will be given, and future goals, programs, and budgets will be adopted.


While we don't have a minute-by-minute agenda yet, we hope this brief look at the agenda will help you in your planning. A more detailed agenda is forthcoming and will be available on the AC23 app, located on the Guidebook app. 

Tuesday, June 13

  • 2:00 - 4:00pm Clergy Session, First United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge
  • 7:00 pm (pre-music begins at 6:30 pm | The nursery will be available for children 5 and under) Memorial Service, University United Methodist Church 

Wednesday, June 14

  • Opening Worship, Hilton Hotel 
  • 10:45am Laity Session
  • Session I 
    • Call to Order
    • Welcome to Baton Rouge
    • Dr. Rochelle Ford
    • Roll Call and Opening Motions
    • Episcopacy Committee
    • Retiree Videos 1
    • Dr. Ashley Boggan, Session 1
    • CFA Report 1, 2, & 3
    • Retiree Video 2
    • Worshipful moment

Thursday, June 15

  • Opening Worship at 8:45am 
  • Session II
    • Announcements/Courtesies
    • General/Jurisdictional Delegation Report
    • Laity Address
    • Trustees
    • Worshipful Moment
    • Courtesies
    • Retiree & ORD 3
    • Nominations Report
    • CFA Budget discussion and vote
    • UMCOR Video from GBGM
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • United Methodist Foundation
    • Board of Discipleship
    • Communication Report
    • Dillard/Centenary Greeting
    • Dr. Candace Lewis
    • Retiree/Ordinands
  • 12:00pm LUNCH
  • 1:30, Session III
    • Board of Ordained Ministry Report
    • Clergy Excellence Report
    • Retire/Ordinand Video
    • Dr. Ashley Boggan, Session 2
    • Congregational Vitality Report
    • Board of Pensions Report
    • Retiree/Ordinand
  • Celebration of Ministry Service; 7:00 pm (pre-music begins at 6:30 pm | The nursery will be available for children 5 and under) Celebration of Ministry Service (Ordination), First United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge 

Friday, June 16

  • 8:30am Opening Worship
  • 9:00am Session IV: 
    • Retiree/Ordinand
    • Beloved Community Committee
    • Vile-tality Roundtable Conversation with Dr. Ashley Boggan
    • Petition Committee

Featured Speakers

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