Dinner Church Experience

Are you looking for a way to reach those in your community in a simple and meaningful way?

Dinner Church creates the opportunity to bring people of all backgrounds together over a meal and conversation. We invite you to come experience a dinner church for yourself.  

Who knows….you might be INSPIRED to start one in your city!

Wednesday June 15th
Broadmoor United Methodist Church

6:30pm | $10.00 per person

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A Little Bit about Dinner Church

Dinner Church is an effective and approach to starting new churches and evangelizing cities that makes sense in the cities of 21st century America. Large portions of our population—singles, the financially challenged, ethnic minorities and others—live in isolation. Many struggle to find healthy meals. Sadly, many of these people will never find their way into weekend church gatherings.

The historic Dinner Church still thrives in today’s world. Passages like Luke 5 show how Jesus built his band of disciples by eating meals with outcasts. John 13-17 demonstrates how he used the dinner table to teach about the Holy Spirit. The early church followed Jesus process, creating Agape’ feasts where the poor and outcast could gather at an abundant table, eat a meal together, and share stories talk about Jesus.

Dinner table theology still works today. Lives are transformed when lonely people are invited to a table full of food paid for by Christ. Jesus is waiting for just needs his followers to set the table.

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