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1867-1890 Sager Brown History / Gilbert Academy / photocopies from the booklet "Six Decades of Service" 1880-1940
1940-1971 Woman’s Society of Christian Service – LA Conference; last program book published prior to merger (booklet)
6/21/1993 Memoirs and Biographical Sketches of African American Women in the Louisiana Conference
N.D. Report of the Historian: UMW, LA Conference
N.D. Report of the Representative to the South Central Jurisdiction Planning Committee for The United Methodist Women Quadrennial Meeting, submitted by Kathleen Conrad, Quadrennial Representative
1992 Annual Report and Directory
1993 UMW LA Conference, The United Methodist Church
6/2/1963 96th Session, LA Annual Conference (central jurisdiction)
1978 "A New People for a New Age" (1st issue) V.1 No.1 March
1983 "Live Simply, Simply Live" V.6 No.2 May

"Committed to Mission Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" V. 6 No. 3 Aug.

1993 Confronted by Christ V.16 No.2 May
Empowered By the Spirit, 1993 School of Christian Mission

Carrying Out God’s Promises Count Me In, 20th Annual Meeting, LA Conference, UMW, Horseshoe Dr., 1st UMC Alexandria, LA V.16 No.3 Aug.

1994 Rekindle God’s Gifts! V. 117 No.3 Aug.
1990 General Council on Ministries
1994 God Is Here! 1994 Journal, LA Annual Conference, The UMC (Book 1)
Nov. 1990 Sexual Harassment in The United Methodist Church
3/14/1971 Marching Black Methodists, New Orleans District "B" of the LA Annual Conference of The UMC 1865-1971
July/Aug 1991 Take Time to Be Holy, photocopies of articles from The Interpreter Magazine
3/12-14/1993 LA Conference Retreat, UMW, Personal Meditation and Burnal (Tall Timbers Conference Center)
11/7/1970 Photo – picture of the Final District Conference of the Conference "B" before the merger with Conference "A" June 1971
4/24/1992 Dulac Community Center, Dulac: Background and Update, Dulac, LA
1993 Brochure – LA Mission Ribbons UMW
1974 Booklet E/SA forum – 1
7/27/1992 Dulac Community Center, NO: Summer Edition "Summer Has Made An Impact On Interns"
3/6/1993 Conference Center Round-Up, Rapides Coliseum
3/14/1993 LA Conference UMW Retreat (Tall Timbers) "Take Time to Be Holy"

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1972-1976 United Methodist Women Newsletter
Dec. 1993 Presidential Papers V.9 No.3
Feb. 1995 Published by the Div. of Higher Education, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, The UMC
Aug. 1994 Public Policy Update, Update No. 11
Dec. 1994 Public Policy Update, Update No. 12
Feb. 1995 Public Policy Update, Update No. 13
(A UM Higher Education Public Policy Network Equipping United Methodists to Advocate for Public Policy concerns in Higher Education)
Feb. 1995 The Alliance to Save Student Aid (Local Organizing Kit)

Reprinted with permission by the Office of Annual Conference Relations, General Board of Higher Education, The UMC, Nashville, TN


Folder #18

N.D. Commission on Archives & History – Proposal for Methodist Archival Materials of LA Conference "B" (introduction letter)
1874-1974 The First Hundred Years, Mount Hermon UMC (book)
1875-1975 The First Century, Waldheim UMC
Oct. 1895-June 1896 Minutes of the 17th Annual Session of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society (LA Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South) Mansfield, LA
1917-1918 Eighth Annual Report of the Home Work of the Woman’s Missionary Council of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South
1918-1919 Ninth Annual Report of the City Mission and Deaconess work of the Woman’s Missionary Council of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South
4/9-12/1929 The 19th Annual Report of the LA Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Trinity Methodist Church, Ruston, LA
1879-1929 UMW, LA Conference – Records Historians Series – Inventory (including Acc. 78-81, 78-84) 9/8/78; Materials concerning the founding and early history of the Woman’s Missionary Society, c. 1879-1929
2/12/1978 Diamond Jubilee Celebration of the Methodist Children’s Home, 1903-1978; 75 years of Service to Children, Ruston, LA
The Archives of Centenary College of LA and LA Methodist Cline Room, Magale Library, Shreveport, LA. (letter)

Envelope #14

1897 Southwestern Christian Advocate V. 32, New Orleans, LA

Envelope #17

  Church Histories (Alphabetical B-Z)

Envelope #15 

6/1/1971 Merger of LA Annual Conference "A" and "B"
6/8/1967 Special Session of the Central Jurisdictional Conference of the Methodist Church
6/8/1970 Official Journal: LA Annual Conference "B"
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