Cuba, October

Get Set for Iglesia Metodista en Cuba
October 10-20, 2022

This construction mission team will travel to the 42,803 square mile island of Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The team will help with whatever project is assigned by the bishop and cabinet of the Cuba Methodist Church. LAVIM and the Louisiana Conference. 

Cuba Initiative boast a long history of strong “hands on” mission effort to this, one of our most intriguing international neighbors. The Mission Center in Havana houses the office of the Bishop and headquarters the mission of the Cuban Methodist Church. The team will initially house at the Center in Havana, then at lodging provided by the local church.

Both experienced and inexperienced volunteers are needed. Professional or experienced. This includes carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians for any construction and repair work team. “Go-fers”, those who enjoy repairing their own homes, weekend painters, hobbyists and those who want to learn a new skill will also find this mission a satisfactory experience. There will be a job for everyone. Spanish translators are a specific need.


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The cost of the mission per team member is approximately $2,000. The fee includes special visa, air and ground transportation, meals and lodging, administration fees and accident insurance. Meals in route and some luggage fees are not covered in the cost. A deposit of $500 is due with registrations and fees should be mailed to St. Timothy UMC (see registration form).

Clothing and Water

Clothing communicates a message. Volunteers should dress modestly. You need to take clothing for warm to hot weather. Blue jeans and T-shirts are adequate working attire. Dress clothes are not needed but bring neat leisure clothing for after hours and worship. Remember you will be serving in a country where dress for Christians is normally conservative. At no time are halter-tops, tank tops, short-shorts of any kind appropriate while serving on a Louisiana VIM team. (Also for the ladies, only one piece swimsuits, please.) Adequate protection from the heat and sun is essential. Cuba’s subtropical climate is warm and humid.

Transportation, Lodging, Meals and What to Bring

The team will fly a connecting flight from New Orleans to Havana. Team housing, meals and local transportation have been arranged by United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) in Cuba. Lodging will be safe and comfortable but basic at the Conference center and local church facility. Meals will include cultural favorites and will be healthy and plentiful.

Donations, such as medical supplies and educational materials, may be suggested to volunteers by the team leader according to the latest requests of church officials in Cuba.

LAVIM General Terms and Conditions:

-Any increases in US or International air, airport taxes and security, or fuel charges imposed after the initial pricing of this mission; fees for passports and, if applicable, visas or departure taxes; immunizations, personal gratuities, laundry and dry cleaning, excursions not outlined in the mission schedule, mineral waters and meals in route or not mentioned in this brochure under included features, travel and luggage insurance, all items of strictly personal nature.

AIR TRANSPORTATION-Tickets are reserved months in advance in an effort to minimize costs and the price of the mission is based on those advance purchase group fares. For most US flights, the individual or team leader must declare an exact number of seats 65 days in advance of departure; exact names as they appear on the passport of the seat holders must be given 35 days in advance. For International flights, the number of seats must be reserved 90-120 days in advance and names (as they appear on Passports) given 60-90 days in advance of departure. Once the number of seats is declared, the airline and/or travel agent may levy fines for unused seats. These fines become the responsibility of the team leader. Should addi-tional seats be needed, they may be deemed outside the original contract by the airline and purchased only at current market price. Any additional cost is the responsibility of the volunteer for whom the fare is pur-chased. Early registration is recommended. After tickets are issued any requested cancellation, change in schedule or name change fees levied by the airline and/or travel agent is the responsibility of the volunteer making the request. Variations to the group itinerary must be requested at registration. Additional costs incurred by variations are the responsibility of the volunteer.

CANCELLATION-Airline tickets are non-refundable after ticketing. Some International host)Administrative Fees are also non-refundable in the event of any cancellation.

BAGGAGE- Baggage allowances are subject to change by the carrier without notice. Please check with your team leader for current baggage restrictions and baggage requirements for the mission. For addition-al or oversized/overweight pieces, excess baggage charges are expensive and not included in your mission price.

RESPONSIBILITY-LAVIM has no control or responsibility in regard to delays, delayed departure or arrival, missed carrier connections, loss, death, damage or injury to person or property or accident, me-chanical defect, failure of negligence or any nature however caused in connection with any accommoda-tions, transportation or services for any substitution of accommodations or of common carrier equipment, with or without notice, or for any additional expenses occasioned thereby. Dates, mission details and fees, although in good faith and based on tariffs, exchange rates and other information current at the time of printing, are subject to change at or before the time of departure. No revisions of the printed itinerary or its included features are anticipated; however, should this become necessary changes will be made in con-sultation with the team leader who will be responsible for informing the team. Additional expenses in-curred in such changes are the responsibility of the individual volunteer.

IMMUNIZATIONS: A Covid-19 immunization vaccine and booster are required for this mission. A tetanus update is recommended for all volunteers participating in construction or medical missions.

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Volunteers are to observe the LAVIM policies of abstinence from alcohol, drugs, tobacco and vulgarity while on the mission.

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