Counseling Grants


As a pastoral leader in your church, members of your congregation and community lean heavily on you in times of crisis and celebration, when navigating new life pathways and while in despair. Often you are helping one or more individuals deal with difficult situations at any given time. In more extreme times – such as during the pandemic – the entire church and community look to you to offer comfort, support, and encouragement as the heaviness of the world weighs on everyone.

As you care for others, you may neglect yourself. Your ability to provide effective leadership for your church and community depends greatly on your own total well-being.

We encourage you to share your concerns with someone you trust. Someone with your best interests at heart. Someone who can encourage and support you during difficult times. Your district superintendent is a tremendous resource and is often the best first person to seek out.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about clergy counseling grants that are available.

Who may receive the grants?

Clergy of the Louisiana conference and/or their immediate family members. 

How much is the grant? 

Grants are available, offering support of up to $300 for each request made. These grants aim to assist individuals with financial aid, providing a maximum of $300 for each application.

How do I apply for the grant? 

There are two application methods available for accessing the grant. The first option involves completing the online application form. It's important to note that the client's identity remains confined to the grant request documentation and is maintained in strict confidentiality throughout the application process. 

If utilizing the online form is not suitable, an alternative is to download the paper version of the application form and forward it by mail to:

    Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church
    Attn: Office of Benefits
    527 North Blvd.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802

In either scenario, a confirmation letter will be sent via email to both the applicant and the mental health professional involved.

After consultation with the Chair of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, the Care and Nurture Chair has the discretion to authorize funding for alternative types of counseling such as life coaching, nutritional counseling, etc.


How my name is kept confidential?

In the process of seeking the grant, utmost confidentiality is maintained around the client's identity. This stringent privacy measure is upheld throughout the entire procedure. The grant requisition is initiated through the collaborative efforts of the CBOM Coordinator and Treasurer, ensuring that it reaches the provider without any direct linkage to the applicant's name. Subsequently, the CBOM Care & Nurture Chair takes a discreet step by sending a confidential communication to the provider. This communication specifies the recipient for whom the received funds are intended.

All interactions and communications originating from the applicant are exclusively accessible to and retained by the Chair of Care and Nurture. Importantly, these records are retained solely for the duration of the calendar year, after which they are securely discarded. This applies to all forms of correspondence, including those exchanged with the licensed mental health professional. This comprehensive approach underlines the commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of all parties involved in the grant process.

How long does the process take? 

Upon receipt of the letter of request, a systematic procedure is set in motion. This process entails reviewing and addressing the request, a task accomplished within a span of one week from the date of reception. Following this initial processing phase, the conference office takes charge of preparing and dispatching the payment during the subsequent check-writing cycle, typically occurring within an additional week.

To keep the applicant informed and reassured, a verification letter is dispatched. This communication serves to confirm that the request is actively being processed and is in progress.

However, should the applicant not receive a response or communication from the CBOM Care & Nurture Chair within a time frame of 10 days from the point of submitting the application, a proactive step is advised. The applicant is encouraged to establish contact with the CBOM Care & Nurture Chair in order to ascertain the status of the request and ensure its receipt was duly acknowledged. This collaborative approach ensures a transparent and responsive process for all involved parties.

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