Conversation Presentation

United Methodist Communications has officially released a slide deck that is designed to help facilitate conversations. 

The deck is built in Google slides, which makes it very easy to customize.

The general goal of the deck is to allow every member of The United Methodist Church to take a moment to pause, rediscover and reconnect with what our global, change-making body of believers is all about. 

Why is our connection unique? What has brought us here and what calling do we need to fulfill? How can we root into our beliefs, history, mission and ministry in order to stand strong and face the future - together? 

Those questions and more are answered in this deck.

Users have opportunity to personalize the presentation with information and imagery from a specific church.

Access the Presentation

Presentation Instructions

To customize this presentation for use in your conference and context, complete these steps first:

  1. Log into your Google account

  2. If not already open, click to open the Google Slides presentation.

  3. Click “file” in the top left corner underneath the presentation’s name

  4. Click “make a copy” then click “entire presentation” - you’ll be prompted to name your file, then click “make a copy”

  5. A new tab will open in your browser with a presentation that is entirely yours; the presentation is saved in your Google Slides document library, similar to other types of Google Docs

  6. Customize the presentation as you’d like; several customization notes are included throughout the slides

  7. When you are ready to distribute the presentation for use, click the yellow “share” button in the top right corner

  8. Under “general access” change “restricted” to “anyone with the link” and set the role to “viewer”

  9. Click “copy link” and paste it in any communication platform

  10. Encourage users to present from the Google Slides, cloud-based presentation via a browser to ensure your latest updates are included and formatting is consistent; presenters will click on the arrow beside “slideshow” in the top right corner and choose “presenter view” so that they can see the speaker notes


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