Continuing Education

Throughout their careers, clergy shall engage in continuing education for ministry, professional development, and spiritual formation and growth in order to lead the church in fulfilling the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ. This shall include carefully developed personal programs of study augmented periodically by involvement in organized educational and spiritual growth activities. (¶351.1)

The responsibility of the board of ordained ministry shall be to:

  • Provide support services for the ordained minister’s career development, including personal and career counseling, continuing education, formation in servant leadership, and continuing spiritual growth in Christ. . . . In providing such support, the board, in cooperation with the cabinet, shall give training and guidance to each local committee on pastor-parish relations regarding its work and role.
  • Work with and support the Order of Deacon and the Order of Elder, including . . . coordinating the Order’s activity with the continuing formation offerings of the board. The board may delegate continuing formation responsibility to the Orders by mutual agreement. . . .
  • To work with and support the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members including . . . coordinating their continuing formation. (¶635.2n, o, p)

Goals for Excellence In Christian Leadership Through Continuing Education

  • Cultivate learning as a spiritual practice
  • Cultivate a culture of growth in discipleship
  • Develop continuing education programs focused on Wesleyan Theology
  • Foster commitment to life long learning and to the accountability of learning
  • Generate creative connection between theological education and spiritual formation
  • Nurture global leadership by fostering educational opportunities that are based on local contexts yet have global implications
  • Promote spiritual formation, theological formation, professional development, and healthy living as a holistic understanding of theological education
  • Utilize communication technology.
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