Archived Records are the DNA of United Methodist Churches

Sunday bulletins, old congregation directories, tithing envelopes – churches accumulate a lot of stuff. Inevitably, someone must decide what to throw away, what to keep, and ...

Sager Brown to Welcome Volunteers Again

UMCOR Sager Brown Depot plans to reopen starting in March 2023. Part of the United Methodist Relief Supply Network, UMCOR Sager Brown Depot was closed at the start of the ...

UMC Beliefs Course

Laity class aims to examine the role of doctrine within the United Methodist Church. Participants will explore the history of the United Methodist Church, while focusing on ...

Lent: A Journey of Faith

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is also a time of self-examination and reflection. To help us reflect, Bishop Delores J. ...

Changes to the Cabinet

Bishop Delores J. Williamston Announces Changes to the Louisiana Cabinet; Rev. Frances Hooton to Serve as Next D.S.

Dates and Location for AC23

The 2023 Louisiana Annual Conference has been rescheduled to Tuesday, June 13 - Friday, June 16, with the annual conference sessions to begin Wednesday, the 14th. (Various ...

Hurricane Recovery

We are responding with the hands and feet of Christ to those most in need. There are a variety of ways you and your church can help. 

Meet our Bishop

Bishop Delores J. Williamston serves as bishop of the Louisiana Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, having been elected in November 2022. Bishop Williamston has a bachelor of science in management and Christian ethics from Manhattan ...

1LOVE - Kenner - New Orleans

7th Ward - New Orleans

ABBEVILLE - Abbeville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ABBEVILLE, BRIGGS - Abbeville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ACADIANA DISTRICT - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ALDERSGATE - Slidell - New Orleans

Alexandria District Office - Alexandria - Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, FIRST UMC - Alexandria - Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, TRINITY UMC - Alexandria - Alexandria

ALGIERS - New Orleans - New Orleans

AMITE - Amite - Baton Rouge

ANDREW CHAPEL - Denham Springs - Baton Rouge

ANGIE, LIVE OAK - Angie - New Orleans

ANGIE, MARY'S CHAPEL - Varnado - New Orleans

ANGIE, WESLEY RAY - Angie - New Orleans

ANSLEY - Ruston - Monroe

APEX Ministries United Methodist Church - New Orleans

ARCADIA, FIRST - Arcadia - Shreveport

ARIZONA - Homer - Shreveport

ATLANTA UMC - Atlanta - Alexandria

AURORA - New Orleans - New Orleans

BAKER, FIRST - Baker - Baton Rouge

BALDWIN, TRINITY - Baldwin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BARTHOLOMEW - Bastrop - Monroe

BASTROP, FIRST - Bastrop - Monroe

BASTROP, MEMORIAL - Bastrop - Monroe

Baton Rouge District - New Orleans

BATON ROUGE, BROADMOOR - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, FIRST - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, JEFFERSON - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, ST. ANDREW'S - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge


BATON ROUGE, ST. MARK - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, WESLEY - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

BAYOU CHICOT UMC - Bayou Chicot - Alexandria

BAYOU GOULA, ST. LUKE - Bayou Goula - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BAYOU SCIE - Zwolle - Shreveport

BEECH GROVE - Spearsville - Monroe

BEEKMAN - Bastrop - Monroe

BELAH UMC - Trout - Alexandria

BELLE CHASSE - Belle Chasse - New Orleans

BELLE ROSE, ST. JAMES - Belle Rose - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BERNICE - Bernice - Monroe

BERWICK, FIRST - Berwick - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BERWICK, MASON - Berwick - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BETHANY - New Orleans - New Orleans

BIENVILLE - Bienville - Shreveport

BIRDS CHAPEL - Marion - Monroe

BLACKWATER - Central City - Baton Rouge

BLUFF CREEK - Clinton - Baton Rouge

BOGALUSA, ESM - Bogalusa - New Orleans

BONCHEST - Mansfield - Shreveport


BOSSIER CITY, ASBURY - Bossier City - Shreveport

BOSSIER CITY, FELLOWSHIP - Bossier City - Shreveport

BOSSIER CITY, FIRST - Bossier City - Shreveport

BOYCE, FIRST UMC - Boyce - Alexandria

BOYNTON - Gretna - New Orleans

BRANCH - Branch - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BROOKS SHAW TEMPLE - New Orleans - New Orleans

BROUSSARD, FAITH COMMUNITY UMC - Broussard - Lake Charles-Acadiana

BRUSHWOOD - Dubberly - Shreveport

BUNKIE, TRINITY UMC - Bunkie - Alexandria

BUSH - Bush - New Orleans

CALHOUN, MOUNT ZION - Calhoun - Monroe

CAMERON, WAKEFIELD - Cameron - Alexandria

CAMPHOR MEMORIAL - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

CAMPTI, ST. PAUL UMC - Campti - Alexandria

CARPENTERS CHAPEL - Prairieville - Baton Rouge

CARROLLTON - New Orleans - New Orleans

CASTOR - Castor - Shreveport

CENTENARY - Franklinton - New Orleans

CENTER - Greensburg - Baton Rouge

CENTERPOINT - Jonesboro - Monroe

CHALMETTE, COVENANT - Chalmette - New Orleans

CHATHAM - Chatham - Monroe

CHENEYVILLE UMC - Cheneyville - Alexandria

CHENEYVILLE, ST. PAUL UMC - Cheneyville - Alexandria

CHOUDRANT - Choudrant - Monroe

CHRIST UMC - Shreveport - Shreveport

CHURCH POINT - Church Point - Lake Charles-Acadiana

CLAIBORNE - West Monroe - Monroe

CLARENCE, MT. ZION UMC - Clarence - Alexandria

CLAY - Ruston - Monroe

CLINTON - Clinton - Baton Rouge

CLINTON, ASBURY - Clinton - Baton Rouge

CLINTON, BEECH GROVE - Clinton - Baton Rouge

CLINTON, MT. ZION - Clinton - Baton Rouge

CLINTON, ST. PETER - Clinton - Baton Rouge


COLQUITT - Haynesville - Shreveport

CONCORD - St. Francisville - Baton Rouge

CONVENT, ST. JAMES - Convent - New Orleans

CORBIN - Walker - Baton Rouge

CORNERSTONE - New Orleans - New Orleans

COTTON VALLEY - Cotton Valley - Shreveport

COULEY UMC - Winnfield - Alexandria

COVINGTON, FIRST - Covington - New Orleans

CROSS ROADS - Cross Roads - Alexandria

CROWLEY, FIRST - Crowley - Lake Charles-Acadiana

DAY'S - Greensburg - Baton Rouge

DENHAM SPRINGS, FIRST - Denham Springs - Baton Rouge

DEQUINCY - DeQuincy - Lake Charles-Acadiana

DERIDDER, FIRST - Deridder - Lake Charles-Acadiana

DERIDDER, WESLEY - Deridder - Alexandria

DESTREHAN, ST. CHARLES - Destrehan - New Orleans

DEVILLE, BETHEL UMC - Deville - Alexandria

DODSON - Dodson - Monroe

DONALDSONVILLE, FIRST - Donaldsonville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

DONALDSONVILLE, ST. PETER - Donaldsonville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

DOUGLAS - Ruston - Monroe

DOWNSVILLE - Downsville - Monroe

DOYLINE - Doyline - Shreveport

DUBACH - Dubach - Monroe

DULAC, CLANTON CHAPEL - Dulac - Lake Charles-Acadiana

EBENEZER - Crowley - Lake Charles-Acadiana

EDEN UMC - Trout - Monroe

EFFIE, OAK GROVE UMC - Effie - Alexandria

EL MESIAS - Kenner - New Orleans

ELLERBE ROAD - Shreveport - Shreveport

EMBRACE - Haughton - Shreveport

EMMANUEL UMC - Natchitoches - Alexandria

EPPS - Epps - Monroe

EROS - Eros - Monroe

ETHEL - Ethel - Baton Rouge

ETHEL, ST. PAUL - Ethel - Baton Rouge

EUNICE - Eunice - Lake Charles-Acadiana

FAIRFIELD - Shreveport - Shreveport

FAIRVIEW - Lake Charles - Alexandria

FAITH CROSSING (Merged) - Walker - Baton Rouge

FAITHFUL - St. Amant - Baton Rouge

FARMERVILLE - Farmerville - Monroe


FIRST GRACE UMC - New Orleans - New Orleans

FIRST STREET P W - New Orleans - New Orleans

FISHER - Franklinton - New Orleans

FLORIEN, MACEDONIA - Florien - Alexandria

FOUNDRY-ST. ANDREW'S - Sterlington - Monroe

FRANCIS ASBURY - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

FRANKLIN, ASBURY - Franklin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

FRANKLIN, FIRST - Franklin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

FRANKLIN, MT. ZION - Franklin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

GIBSLAND - Gibsland - Shreveport

GIBSLAND, OAK GROVE - Gibsland - Shreveport

GILLIAM - Gilliam - Shreveport

GLENMORA UMC - Glenmora - Alexandria

GOLDEN MEADOW - Galliano - Lake Charles-Acadiana

GONZALES, FIRST - Gonzales - Baton Rouge

GRACE COMMUNITY - Shreveport - Shreveport

GRAND CANE - Grand Cane - Alexandria

GRAND CHENIER - Grand Chenier - Alexandria

GRAND ISLE - Galliano - New Orleans

GRAYSON - Grayson - Alexandria

GREENSBURG - Greensburg - Baton Rouge

GREENSBURG, WESLEY CHAPEL - Greensburg - Baton Rouge

GREENWELL SPRINGS, BETHEL - Greenwell Springs - Baton Rouge

GREENWELL SPRINGS, ST. LUKE - Greenwell Springs - Baton Rouge

GREENWOOD - Greenwood - Shreveport

GRETNA - Gretna - New Orleans

GUEYDAN - Gueydan - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HACKBERRY - Hackberry - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HALL SUMMIT - Hall Summit - Alexandria

HAMMOND, FIRST - Hammond - Baton Rouge

HARAHAN, ST. PAUL'S - Harahan - New Orleans

HARMONY CHAPEL - Dubach - Monroe

HARRISONBURG - Harrisonburg - Alexandria

HARRY'S CHAPEL - Bogalusa - New Orleans

HARTZELL - New Orleans - New Orleans

HARTZELL MT. ZION - Slidell - New Orleans

HASKIN CHAPEL - Zwolle - Alexandria

HAUGHTON - Haughton - Shreveport

HAVEN TRINITY - New Orleans - New Orleans

HAYES CHAPEL - Franklinton - New Orleans

HEBERT - Columbia - Alexandria

HEFLIN - Heflin - Shreveport


HODGE - Hodge - Monroe

HOLLY GROVE - Anacoco - Alexandria

HOLLY RIDGE - Rayville - Monroe

HOPE COMMUNITY - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

HORNBECK - Hornbeck - Alexandria

HORSESHOE DRIVE UMC - Alexandria - Alexandria

HOSSTON - Hosston - Shreveport

HOUMA, BAYOU BLUE - Houma - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HOUMA, FIRST - Houma - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HOUMA, MT. VERNON - Gray - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HOUMA, WESLEY - Houma - Lake Charles-Acadiana

HUFF CHAPEL - Springfield - Baton Rouge

HUGHES MEMORIAL - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

IDA - Ida - Shreveport

INDEPENDENCE - Independence - Baton Rouge

INGLESIDE - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

IOWA, FIRST - Iowa - Lake Charles-Acadiana

JACKSON - Jackson - Baton Rouge

JACKSON CHAPEL - Zachary - Baton Rouge

JAMES CHAPEL - Holden - Baton Rouge

JEANERETTE, MCGOWEN - Jeanerette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

JEANERETTE, ST. PAUL - Jeanerette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

JEANERETTE, ST. PETER - Jeanerette - Lake Charles-Acadiana


JENNINGS - Jennings - Lake Charles-Acadiana

JONESBORO HODGE - Jonesboro - Monroe

JONESVILLE UMC - Jonesville - Alexandria

JORDAN - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge


KAPLAN - Kaplan - Lake Charles-Acadiana

KEATCHIE - Keatchie - Alexandria

KEITHVILLE - Keithville - Shreveport

KEITHVILLE, FAIRVIEW - Keithville - Shreveport

KILBOURNE - Kilbourne - Monroe

KINDER - Kinder - Alexandria

KOREAN - Metairie - New Orleans

KROTZ SPRINGS - Krotz Springs - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LACOMBE - Lacombe - New Orleans

LAFAYETTE, ASBURY - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, COVENANT - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, FIRST - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA AVENUE - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, NORTHWOOD - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAHARPE THOMPSON - New Orleans - New Orleans

LAHEY CHAPEL UMC - Boyce - Alexandria

LAKE ARTHUR - Lake Arthur - Lake Charles-Acadiana

Lake Charles District - Alexandria

LAKE CHARLES, FIRST - Lake Charles - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAKE CHARLES, UNIVERSITY - Lake Charles - Lake Charles-Acadiana

Lake Charles-Acadiana District Office - Lafayette - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LAPLACE, FIRST - La Place - New Orleans

LECOMPTE UMC - Lecompte - Alexandria

LEE'S LANDING - Ponchatoula - Baton Rouge

LEESVILLE, FIRST - Leesville - Alexandria

LEESVILLE, KOREAN - Leesville - Alexandria

LEESVILLE, MT. ZION - Leesville - Alexandria

LEGACY - Haughton - Shreveport

LIBERTY CHAPEL UMC - Dry Prong - Alexandria

LISBON - Lisbon - Shreveport

LITTLE CREEK - Mangham - Monroe

LIVINGSTON - Livingston - Baton Rouge

LOCUST GROVE - Oak Grove - Monroe

LOGANSPORT, BETHEL - Logansport - Alexandria

LOGANSPORT, FIRST - Logansport - Alexandria

LOGANSPORT, MT. ZION - Logansport - Alexandria

LONGSTREET - Longstreet - Alexandria

LOTTIE, GREEN CHAPEL - Lottie - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LOTTIE, WILEY - Blanks - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LOTTIE, WILSON MEMORIAL - Lottie - Lake Charles-Acadiana

LOVE CHAPEL - Haughton - Shreveport

LULING - Luling - New Orleans

LUTCHER CHAPEL - Lutcher - New Orleans


MAGNOLIA - Greenwell Springs - Baton Rouge

MALLALIEU - Jennings - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MANGUM MEMORIAL - Shreveport - Shreveport

MANGUM CHAPEL - Walker - Baton Rouge

MANSFIELD, FIRST - Mansfield - Alexandria

MANSFIELD, PLEASANT VALLEY - Mansfield - Shreveport

MANSFIELD, WESLEY - Mansfield - Alexandria

MANY, FIRST UMC - Many - Alexandria

MARINGOUIN, SHILOH - Maringouin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MARINGOUIN, ST. PETER - Maringouin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MARION - Marion - Monroe

MARTHAVILLE, BEULAH UMC - Marthaville - Alexandria

MATHEWS, MEMORIAL - Mathews - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MCDONALD - Keithville - Alexandria

MCGUIRE - West Monroe - Monroe

McNeese State Wesley Foundation

MEADOWS CHAPEL - Prairieville - Baton Rouge

MELDER, ST. MARKS UMC - Melder - Alexandria

MELVILLE - Melville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MER ROUGE - Mer Rouge - Monroe

MERRYVILLE - Merryville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

METAIRIE - Metairie - New Orleans

MINDEN, FIRST - Minden - Shreveport

MINDEN, LAKEVIEW - Minden - Shreveport

MINDEN, PINE GROVE - Minden - Shreveport

MINDEN, PLEASANT VALLEY - Minden - Shreveport

Monroe District - Shreveport - New Orleans

MONROE MEMORIAL - Monroe - Monroe

MONROE, ST. MARK'S - Monroe - Monroe

MONROE, ST. PAUL'S - Monroe - Monroe

MONTGOMERY UMC - Montgomery - Shreveport

MONTGOMERY, MT. ZION UMC - Montgomery - Alexandria

MONTPELIER - Montpelier - Baton Rouge

MOORINGSPORT - Mooringsport - Shreveport

MORGAN CITY, PHARR CHAPEL - Morgan City - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MORGAN CITY, WALMSLEY - Morgan City - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MOSES CHAPEL - Zachary - Baton Rouge

MOSS BLUFF - Lake Charles - Lake Charles-Acadiana

MT. CARMEL - Clinton - Baton Rouge

MT. HERMON - Mt. Hermon - New Orleans

MT. NEBO - Monroe

MT. OLIVE-ST. PETER'S UMC - Bastrop - Monroe

MT. SINAI - Sterlington - Monroe

MUNHOLLAND - Metairie - New Orleans

NAPOLEONVILLE, WESLEY - Napoleonville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

NAPOLEONVILLE, WOODLAWN - Napoleonville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

NATCHITOCHES, ASBURY UMC - Natchitoches - Alexandria

NATCHITOCHES, FIRST UMC - Natchitoches - Alexandria

NATCHITOCHES, OAK GROVE UMC - Natchitoches - Alexandria

NEELY - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

NESOM MEMORIAL - Tickfaw - Baton Rouge

NEW HOPE - Spillman - Baton Rouge

NEW HOPE - Dodson - Monroe

NEW IBERIA, FIRST - New Iberia - Lake Charles-Acadiana

NEW IBERIA, ST. JAMES - New Iberia - Lake Charles-Acadiana


NEW LIGHT - Benton - Shreveport


NEW ORLEANS, ASBURY - New Orleans - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, MOUNT ZION - New Orleans - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, ST. LUKES - New Orleans - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, ST. MARK'S - New Orleans - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, ST. MATTHEW - New Orleans - New Orleans

NEW RIVER - St. Amant - Baton Rouge

NEW ROADS, FIRST - New Roads - Lake Charles-Acadiana

NEWELL - Mandeville - New Orleans

NEWELLTON - Newellton - Alexandria

NEWMAN UMC - Alexandria - Alexandria

NOEL MEMORIAL - Shreveport - Shreveport

NORTH CROSS - Madisonville - New Orleans

NORTH HIGHLANDS - Shreveport - Shreveport

NORTHPOINT - Shreveport - Shreveport

OAK RIDGE - Oak Ridge - Monroe

OAKDALE UMC - Oakdale - Alexandria

OBERLIN - Oberlin - Alexandria

OIL CITY - Oil City - Shreveport

OPELOUSAS, LOUISIANA MEMORIAL - Opelousas - Lake Charles-Acadiana

OPELOUSAS, ST. MARK - Opelousas - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PALESTINE UMC - Ball - Alexandria

PALMETTO - Palmetto - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PARKER - New Orleans - New Orleans

PATTERSON - Patterson - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PECAN ISLAND - Kaplan - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PELICAN - Pelican - Alexandria

PEOPLES - New Orleans - New Orleans

PHILIPS MEMORIAL - New Orleans - New Orleans

PILGRIM REST - Minden - Shreveport

PINE RIDGE - Kentwood - Baton Rouge

PINEVILLE, FIRST UMC - Pineville - Alexandria

PINEVILLE, WESLEY UMC - Pineville - Alexandria

PIONEER - Pioneer - Monroe

PLAIN DEALING - Plain Dealing - Shreveport

PLAQUEMINE FIRST - Plaquemine - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PLAQUEMINE, GRAND RIVER - Plaquemine - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PLEASANT GROVE UMC - Pineville - Alexandria

POLLOCK - Pollock - Alexandria

PONCHATOULA, FIRST - Ponchatoula - Baton Rouge

PORT BARRE - Port Barre - Lake Charles-Acadiana

PROVENCAL UMC - Provencal - Alexandria

QUITMAN - Quitman - Monroe

RAYNE - New Orleans - New Orleans

RAYNE, CENTENARY - Rayne - Lake Charles-Acadiana

REFUGE - Monroe - Monroe

RINGGOLD - Ringgold - Shreveport

ROANOKE - Roanoke - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ROBERTS - Denham Springs - Baton Rouge

ROSA UMC - Marthaville - Alexandria

ROSEDALE, HARTZELL - Rosedale - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ROUND GROVE - Shreveport - Shreveport

RUSTON, GRACE - Ruston - Monroe

RUSTON, TRINITY - Ruston - Monroe

SALEM - Dubach - Monroe

SANDERS CHAPEL UMC - Winnfield - Alexandria

SCOTT - Port Allen - Lake Charles-Acadiana

SHADY GROVE - Mansfield - Alexandria

SHILOH - Keatchie - Alexandria

SHONGALOO - Shongaloo - Shreveport

Shreveport District - Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, BROADMOOR - Shreveport - Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, FIRST - Shreveport - Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, ST. JAMES - Shreveport - Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, ST. LUKE'S - Shreveport - Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, ST. PAUL - Shreveport - Shreveport

SIBLEY - Sibley - Shreveport

SICILY ISLAND - Sicily Island - Alexandria

SIMMESPORT UMC - Simmesport - Alexandria

Simsboro Memorial UMC - Simsboro - Monroe

SIMSBORO, ANTIOCH - Simsboro - Monroe

SIMSBORO, MEMORIAL - Simsboro - Monroe

SLAUGHTER - Slaughter - Baton Rouge

SLIDELL, FIRST - Slidell - New Orleans

SPRINGFIELD, FIRST - Springfield - Baton Rouge

SPRINGHILL - Springhill - Shreveport

SQUYRES - Longville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ST. ANDREW'S - Sterlington - Monroe

ST. FRANCISVILLE - St. Francisville - Baton Rouge

ST. JAMES - Monroe - Monroe

ST. JOHNS - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

ST. JOSEPH - St. Joseph - Alexandria

ST. LANDRY - Gonzales - Baton Rouge

ST. LUKE SIMPSON - Lake Charles - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ST. MARTINVILLE, MALLALIEU - St. Martinville - Lake Charles-Acadiana

ST. MATTHEW'S - Metairie - New Orleans

ST. MAURICE UMC - St. Maurice - Alexandria

ST. PAUL - Monroe - Monroe

ST. PETER - Lake Providence - Monroe

STRANGE UMC - Readhimer - Alexandria

SULPHUR, HENNING MEMORIAL - Sulphur - Lake Charles-Acadiana

SULPHUR, MAPLEWOOD - Sulphur - Lake Charles-Acadiana

SULPHUR, WESLEY - Sulphur - Lake Charles-Acadiana

SUMMER GROVE - Shreveport - Shreveport

SUMMERFIELD - Summerfield - Monroe

TANGIPAHOA - Tangipahoa - Baton Rouge


THIBODAUX, CALVARY - Thibodaux - Lake Charles-Acadiana

THIBODAUX, FIRST - Thibodaux - Lake Charles-Acadiana

THIBODAUX, MAGNOLIA - Thibodaux - Lake Charles-Acadiana

THIRKIELD - Bogalusa - New Orleans

THOMAS - Kenner - New Orleans

TUNICA - Tunica - Baton Rouge

UL Lafayette WESLEY CAMPUS MINISTRY - Lake Charles-Acadiana


UNION CHAPEL UMC - Boyce - Alexandria

UNIVERSITY - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

UNO Campus Ministry - New Orleans

VERDUNVILLE, FITZGERALD - Franklin - Lake Charles-Acadiana

VIDALIA UMC - Vidalia - Alexandria

VINTON, WELSH MEM - Vinton - Lake Charles-Acadiana

VIVIAN - Vivian - Shreveport

WALKER - Walker - Baton Rouge

WALKER'S CHAPEL - Plain Dealing - Shreveport

WARREN - Lake Charles - Lake Charles-Acadiana

WAXIA, ST. PAUL - Washington - Lake Charles-Acadiana

WEAVER UMC - Flora - Alexandria

WELSH, JONES - Welsh - Lake Charles-Acadiana

WESLEY CAMPUS MINISTRY, NSU - Natchitoches - Shreveport

WESLEY CHAPEL - Ponchatoula - Baton Rouge

WESLEY FOUNDATION L. S. U. - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge

WESLEY FOUNDATION S. L. U. - Hammond - Baton Rouge

WESLEY FOUNDATION S. U. - Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge


WEST MONROE, ASBURY - West Monroe - Monroe

WEST MONROE, FAITH - West Monroe - Monroe

WEST MONROE, FIRST - West Monroe - Monroe

WESTLAKE - Westlake - Lake Charles-Acadiana

WHITE'S CHAPEL UMC - Bunkie - Alexandria

WHITEHALL - Haynesville - Shreveport

WILHITE - Downsville - Monroe

WILLIAMS ROSS - New Orleans - New Orleans

WILSON, WESLEY - Wilson - Baton Rouge

WILTON UMC - Alexandria - Alexandria

WINAN - Franklinton - New Orleans

WINNFIELD, FIRST UMC - Winnfield - Alexandria

WINNSBORO - Winnsboro - Alexandria

WOODLAWN - West Monroe - Monroe

ZACHARY UMC - Zachary - Baton Rouge

ZWOLLE, FIRST - Zwolle - Alexandria

Scott Adams

Johnie Adkins

Frank Akin

Karen Al Thawwad

Kem Alexander

Lee Allen

Deirdre Allen

Dianne Allen

Ginny Allen

Ellen Alston

Allan Anderson

Will Andress

Shawn Anglim

Janis Anthony

TBS Atlanta

Tammy Aubushon

Terrence August

Donald Avery

Joseph Awotwi

Mary Jo Babcock

Harold Babin

Kaitlin Babington

Virginia Baker

Alfred Bakewell

Weldon Bares

Jack Baringer

Tim Barnes

Nat Barnett

Jim Barrett

TBS Bastrop, Memorial

Pat Bates

Mary Baugh

Judy Bazer

Jonathan Beck

Steven Bell

Mark Benge

Steve Berger

Kelly Berne

RL Bethley

Greaselda Bickham

David Billings

Charlotte Birdwell

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Mark Bray

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Lindy Broderick

Chad Brooks

Arnold Brown

Lance Brown

TBS Brushwood

Gene Bryson

Angela Bulhof

Lyndle Bullard

Scott Bullock

Bob Burgess

Elaine Burleigh

Barbara Calhoun-Gibson

Adam Campbell

TBS Campti, St. Paul-Clarence, Mt. Zion

Martha Canizales

John Cannon

Steve Caraway

Stone Caraway

Cathy Carlson

Amanda Carpenter

Eddie Carpenter

Karen Carr

Emily Carroll

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Clair Carter

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Willis Dear

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Hu Debo

Aaron DeGruy

Bob Deich

Shannon DeLaureal

John Deschner

David DeWitt

David Dietzel

Greg Dike

Ed Dilworth

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Tom Dolph

Joe Donakey

Debbie Drash

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Helen Durieux

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Barbara Einsel

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Lauren Frazier-McGuin

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Bob Galatas

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Linda Gatlin

Leah Gaughan

Peter Gaughan

Sonia Gee

Alex Geovanni

TBS Gibsland-Gibsland, Oak Grove

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DeWitt Ginn

Katie Glass

Danny Gleason

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Cheri Godwin

Andy Goff

Mark Goins

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James Graham

Ken Graham

Stephanie Green

Bertrand Griffin

Bertrand Griffin

Kotosha Griffin

Joseph Guo

Frances Guy

Morgan Guyton

Ed Hall

Hank Hamilton

Joe Hamilton

Mike Hammett

Isaac Hammond

John Hankins

Christina Hardy

John Edd Harper

Jason Harris

Michelle Harris

Klay Harrison

Cynthia Harvey

Cynthia Fierro Harvey

Kibbie Hatfield

James Haynes

Richard Hebert

Willie Henry

Regina Hickman

Dellie Hicks

John Higginbotham

Jerry Hilbun

Derrick Hills

Marion Hills

Daniel Hixon

Jay Hogewood

Janet Hogstrom

Bob Hollis

Francey Hooton

Dick Hooton

Bo Horne

Ryan Horton

Marissa Horvath

Tom Howe

Kathy Howell

Wayne Howington

Sam Hubbard

Sandi Huber

Barry Hughes

Matthew Hulbert

Dick Humphries

Dan Husak


Ken Irby

Anna Jackson

Elva Jacobs

Bernie Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Robert Johnson

Alan Johnson

Valla Johnson

Louis Jones

Jim Jones

Mary Jones

William Jones

TBS Jonesboro Hodge

John Joseph

Linda Joseph

Derek Joyce

Wanjiku Kamuyu

Cindy Kaupp

Debra Keller

Stephanie Kidd

Jonathan King

Karl Klaus

John Korlaske

John Krause

Richard Kurtz

TBS LaHarpe Thompson

Paul Laird

Mark Landers

Bob Lane

Charlie Langford

Warren Langford

Sonya Lars

Roger Lathan

Susan Lawrence

Willie Laws

Tim Lawson

Kelly Leach

Kelly Leach

Britney Lee

Dong Lee

Sangho Lee

TBS Leesville, Mt. Zion

Heather Leyland

Cecil Locke

Steve London

Jon Lord

Terry Love

Clint Lovell

Jessica Lowe

Don Lum

Dan Lund

Tiffanie Lyon

Tracy MacKenzie

Latrice Mallard

Todd Mallory

Gregory Mann

Bob Marshall

Mark Martin

Sherry Mathews

Graham Matthews

Lenda Faye Matthews

Larry Maxwell

Lisa Mayo

Betty McCarver

Gregory McClay

Theresa McConnell

Rachel McConnell-Switzer

Bryan McCoy

Steve McDonald

Mimi McDowell

Marvin McFarland

Kimberly McGee

Mollie McGee

Herbert McGuin

Ashley McGuire

Lee McKinzie

Asriel McLain

Bill McLain

Donald Meeks

David Melville

Amy Mercer

Lynn Merrill

Dan Miller

Larry Miller

Ginger Millet

Doug Milliron

Josh Milliron

Spiller Milton

Monica Monk

Ellen Montegudo

Bill Moon

Darlene Moore

James Moore

Mary Rachel Moore

RB Moore

Rene' Moradel

Penn Morgan

Lewis Morris

Anice Moses

TBS Mt. Sinai

Barbara Murray

Keith Murray

Michael Mynes

Donny Nedd

Tim Neustifter

Randy Nichols

Wishy Nolan

Larry Norman

Leslie Norris

Betty Northen

Ken Norton

Laura Nusbaum

Quinn O'Bannon

Larry O'Dell

Jack O'Dell

Lamar Oliver

Martha Orphe

Rosanne Osborne

Ray Owens

Steffanie Pace

Mike Palermo

Walter Parker

Walter Parr

Tom Pass

William Peeples

Charles Penuell

Chyrelena Peyton

Kennon Pickett

Karli Pidgeon

Oscar Player

Franklin Poole

TBS Port Barre

Steven Porter

Tiffanie Postell

JoAnne Pounds

Alton Preston

Dutch Price

Wybra Price

Lisa Pridmore

Darril Prout

Sue Pugh

Byron Putnam

Laurie Raborn

Oscar Ramos

Dwight Ramsey

Erik Rasmussen

Matt Rawle

James Ray

Dean Register

Jim Reid

Carl Rhoads

Joe Rice

Kimberly Richard

Gerald Richardson

James Richardson

Johnathan Richardson

Brian Ridgedell

Jane Riecke

Austin Rinehart

Fernie Rivera

K.C. Roberson

Chris Roberts

Larry Robertson

Robbie Robertson

Nolan Robinson

Charles Roper

Don Ross

TBS Ross Phillips

TBS Ross-Williams

Todd Rossnagel

Todd Rossnagel

Bob Rowland

Pam Roy

Eddie Rushing

Paul Sabin

Connie Saizon

Jean Sanders

TBS Sanders Chapel

Shannon Sandifer

Kathy Schaffhauser

Ernest Scott

Rachel Scott

Dick Scott-Welch

Karen Seifert

Reyn Sewell

Will Sheffield

Carol Sherer

Stuart Sherman

Kaseem Short

Sarah Shoup

Kip Shuford

Allison Sikes

Brandon Sikes

Katie Simpson

J.C. Skinner

Amanda Smith

Dottie Smith

Elaine Smith

Inita Smith

Kevin Smith

Lawanda Smith

Robert Smith

Tony Smith

Kemper Smith

Wanda Smith

Bill Smith

Ronald Southall

Harold Spain

Lori Spangler

Cory Sparks

Juliet Spencer

Andy Spikes

Ray Spiller

Pete Spitzkeit

TBS St Mark Sicily Island

Larry Stafford

Truman Stagg

Ted Standley

Steve Stephens

Leslie Stephens

Ulysse Stephens

Richard Stiltner

Van Stinson

TBS Strange

Bill Strawbridge

Mark Strickland

Tommy Stringer

Mickey Stringfield

Megan Stuermann

Heather Sullivan

To Supplied (T.B.S.)

Drew Sutton

Ann Sutton

Fredrick Sweetwyne

Bradley Swire

Darryl Tate

J. Roddy Taylor

Bobby Taylor

William Taylor

Richard Teeter

John Tellis

William Thiele

Chris Thomas

Greg Toney

Michael Townsend

Bob Townsend

Robert Trent

David Trickett

Ann Trousdale

Beth Tu'uta

Sione Tu'uta

Lisa Turnbull

Carol Twyman

Megan Twyman

Richard Twyman

Thomas Twyman

Murray Twyman

Debbie Upton

Ray Varnado

Rich Varner

Brock Vead

Kirby Verret

John Vining

TBS Vivian UMC

Donald Waddleton

Leland Wade

Kathy Wafer

Nick Wagner

Kaylan Walker

Hulen Warren

Lusinda Warren

Charles Washington

Grayson Watson

Jane Watts

Laraine Waughtal

TBS Weaver

Don Webb

Rob Weber

TBS Welsh, Jones

Thomas Wesley

Kale Wetekamm

Sam Wheless

Terry Wheless

John Whitley

Barry Whittington

Brady Whitton

Fred Wideman

Bobbie Wiley

Johnny Wilkins

Donnie Wilkinson

Tricia Wilkinson

Deborah Williams

Inez Williams

Jared Williams

Karen Williams

Marie Williams

Sandra Williams

Trina Williams

Dee Williamston

Delores J. Williamston

Gary Willis

Ricky Willis

Jim Wilson

Lorris Wimberly

Callie Winn

John Winn

Lane Winn

Chris Winterman

Nancy Wofford

Dianne Wooden

Regina Wren

Glorious Wright

Brian Yeich

Ali Young

Dawn Young

Gloria Youngblood

Bill Youngblood

Max Zehner

Sheri Zehner

Episcopal Office

Bishop Delores J. Williamston

(225) 346-1646

Kathryn Moore

Executive Administrator
(225) 346-1646
Conference Leadership Team

Dr Van Stinson

Assistant to the Bishop / Clergy Excellence
(225) 346-1646

Kyle Wooldridge

Administrative Assistant for the Office of Clergy Excellence
(225) 346-1646

Rev Sam Hubbard

Associate Director, Congregational Development and Transformation
(225) 346-1646

Rev Karli Pidgeon

Interim Director of Congregational Development and Transformation
(225) 346-1646

Rhonda Whitley

Ministry Coordinator, Congregational Development and Transformation
(225) 346-1646

Rev Ali Young

Associate Director, Clergy Excellence
(225) 344-9100

Rev Todd Rossnagel

Director of Communication Strategies
(225) 346-1646

William Willoughby

Associate Communicator
(225) 346-1646
Youth Ministry
Office of Missional Engagement and Outreach

Rev Bob Deich

Conference Disaster Response Coordinator
(318) 255-2211

Howard Hines

Long-term Disaster Recovery Director
Administrative Ministries

Sandy O'Brien

Executive Director of Administrative Services
(225) 346-1646

Jewell Johnson

(225) 346-1646

Theresa Stevens

Assistant Pension and Benefits Officer
(225) 346-1646

Michele Giarrusso

(225) 346-1646
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