Clergy Appreciation Month

No matter how humble or unassuming they may be, most people get a warm glow inside when someone says “thank you” for what they’ve done or expresses appreciation simply for who they are.

Clergy and others who fill pastoral roles are no exception.

October is Pastor (or Clergy) Appreciation Month with the second Sunday designated as Pastor Appreciation Day.

It is a time to say “thank you” to the people who may be most visible as preachers and teachers, but who, in reality, are on-call 24/7 standing with congregants and others to offer spiritual and other support in times of confusion and transition, times of heart-wrenching sorrow and times of overwhelming joy.

They laugh, cry and pray with those whom they shepherd and serve.

The Office of Clergy Excellence has put together a list of fifteen ways you and your church can show your support. 


  1. Write your pastor a simple note of thanks for their work and their ministry. 
  2. Pray for your pastor and his/her family. 
  3. Offer to take communion to a homebound member, or call and check-in with them.
  4. Offer to take your pastor out for coffee or lunch. 
  5. Have the children of the church make cards for your pastor.
  6. Send your pastor an email with encouragement for the week.
  7. Offer a prayer for your pastor and worship on Sunday morning. 
  8. Stick around after worship one Sunday to tidy the sanctuary. 
  9. Get together with other families in the church to treat your pastor and their family to a gift card for a meal out!
  10. Bring your pastor a treat to enjoy.
  11. Publicly support your pastor, and encourage your fellow members to do the same. 
  12. Support the ministry of your pastor with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.
  13. Remind and gently encourage your pastor to make time for self-care and rest!
  14. Encourage your pastor to attend a retreat this year to renew and reset!
  15. If your pastor is looking for volunteers, step up and get involved. 
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