LSU Wesley Foundation Campus Minister

August 17, 2023

The Wesley Foundation at LSU (‘Wesley’) was founded in 1936. It is a campus outreach ministry focused on the faith formation and personal development of students. The Wesley staff consists of the Campus Minister, one part-time Bookkeeper, one to two Interns, one to three Student Workers, the Student Leadership Team, and approximately 20 regularly attending students, some of which are in residence. A Board of Directors, the Baton Rouge District Superintendent, a member of the Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Two SeniorMinisters of the local United Methodist Churches, a Faculty Advisor of the student organization, and two student representatives govern the Wesley.


The position is considered full‐time, and is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Duration: Indefinite

Compensation: Salary

Reports to (functional): Board of Directors

Reports to (administrative): District Superintendent / Bishop*

* The Campus Minister reports annually to the Louisiana Annual Conference Board of Higher Education andMinistry.


The mission statement of the Wesley is “a community of students learning to live the way of Jesus.” The corevalues are genuineness, acceptance, and sharing God’s Grace. The primary role of the Campus Minister is toadvance the mission through various channels. 

Specifically, the Campus Minister is responsible for:

Networking. The Wesley enjoys a strong relationship with local churches and other university organizations. The Campus Minister oversees the Foundation’s effort to grow and maintain those relationships for the purposes of financial support, student recruiting, etc. With the support of a student-worker or intern, the Wesley looks to educate church youth on the Wesley resources, services, and community.


Faith Formation. The Campus Minister is responsible for the faith formation and personal development ofstudents. He/she is expected to:

  • Invest in relationships with students, which requires consistent presence at the Wesley building, Maintain awelcoming, inclusive, open environment at the Wesley which fosters growth,
  • Supervise the Intern as they lead the faith and personal development of the residential community
  • Provide theologically‐sound encouragement to students, and
  • Assist students as they discern their unique vocations.

Cast Vision. Cast vision for the organization that aligns with the mission of the organization, set annualgoals that align with the mission and vision, and develop a plan to execute these goals.

Ministry. The Campus Minister is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of effective ministries. In order to facilitate development, it is expected that the Campus Minister leverages studentsto assist in organizing and leading ministry.

Current Ministries Include:

  • Community Dinner and Devotion
  • Monthly worship services 
  • Small Groups
  • One-on-one meetings w/ Students 
  • Regular Mission Trips, and Regular retreats 

Interface with the Board of Directors. The Campus Minister is responsible to interface effectively withthe Board of Directors and leverage them to provide strategic guidance, business administration functions,financial support, etc


The Campus Minister is responsible for coordinating (with the Board of Directors, students or other supportstaff) or fulfilling administrative functions including:

  • Oversee all staff
  • Developing effective advertising and communications,
  • Administrating the Wesley monthly budget, and
  • Submitting the required documents to the Louisiana Annual Conference Board of Higher Education.
  • Develop and assist in fundraising
  • Actively maintain the main building and the Wesley house
  • Attending Louisiana Annual Conference as a Delegate at Large


  • Demonstrated interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated leadership, administration, and communication skills
  • Yearly and monthly budget management Leading teams of staff and students


  • Clergy or willing to pursue local pastor in the United Methodist Church Post-graduate ministry experience with young adults
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills including faith formation / development, counseling and relationship-forming
  • Demonstrated leadership including vision / goal-setting and informal influence in a church environment

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and reference list to

Contact: Nick Totaro

Address: 333 E. Chimes St. Baton Rouge LA 70802

Phone: 225-344-7012

Email: Click to email

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