Long Term Recovery Program Director

November 03, 2021

Position Title:             Long Term Recovery Program Director
Position Status:          Temporary, Salaried, Grant Employee 
Reports To:                 Director of Missional Engagement and Outreach
Position Summary:
In consultation with the Director of Missional Engagement and Outreach (DMEO) and the Director of Administrative Services (DAS), the Recovery Program Director (RPD) will:   (1) Recommend the design and implementation process for long-term disaster recovery; (2) Offer recommendations for hiring disaster recovery case manager supervisors, volunteer coordinator personnel, and any other administrative staff; (3) Will monitor and insure grant(s) execution according to the it’s terms and conditions, (4) Will cultivate and develop relationships entered into by the UMC Louisiana Conference which are related to long-term disaster recovery; (5) Will when feasible, participate in the various VOADs and Long Term Recovery Groups, along with other agencies which are participating in the long-term recovery, as appropriate; (6) Will support the implementation strategy for communicating the ongoing work of the LAUMC Disaster Response Ministry, while raising awareness of the necessary funding for the ongoing ministry and with the goal of keeping churches and members of the annual conference informed about the activities of the ministry and (7) Will work with the Director of Missional Engagement and Outreach on all issues related to the success of the long-term recovery.
Essential Job Requirements:
The Recovery Program Director must 

  1. Have an understanding of the United Methodist Church and UMCOR, and be willing to learn the ministry of disaster recovery;
  2. Have experience managing a diverse paid employees and volunteer staff.
  3. Complete a background check to the satisfaction of the Director of Missional Engagement and Outreach;
  4. Be available to work a flexible schedule, including some evening and weekends;
  5. Be available to work either remotely or in person;
  6. Be able to travel to remote worksites around Louisiana when necessary;
  7. Maintain the highest ethical standards of conduct, including maintaining strict confidentiality of client records and avoid all potential conflicts of interest;
  8. Have no outside business interest that may conflict with the client or the annual conference’s goals and their objectives;
  9. Be able to work professionally and collaboratively with others, including with other staff at the Conference Office;   
  10. Be meticulous in recordkeeping and meet all deadlines with efficiency and punctuality;
  11. Have excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
  12. Be computer literate, able to use word processing, database and spreadsheet software, and demonstrate an ability to learn new and /or customized software;
  13. Be organized and prepared for reports, meetings, briefings, and conversations with clients, staff, supervisors and external partners;
  14. Be able to work without close supervision on assigned duties while being willing to seek and accept supervision as needed; and
  15. Possess excellent inter-personal skills, such as (a) sensitivity and awareness of the impact of the disaster on the community, families, and staff; (b) strong listening and interviewing skills; (c) develop a cultural competence relative to the population served; (d) practice a synergistic recognition of the strengths of the clients and staff members; (e) maintenance of appropriate boundaries, and (f) cultivation of self-awareness.
Essential Job Functions:
  • Help design an effective strategic plan for the long-term recovery and oversee the implementation of the plan.
  • Guide and direct the work of the staff, including Case Manager Supervisors, Volunteer Coordination staff, and administrative staff as identified by the DMEO
  • Ensure staff understand their role and empowering them to perform the essential functions of their job while demonstrating compassion and sensitivity for their clients.
  • Provide support for Case Manager Supervisors, as needed, to ensure a smooth flow of case work.
  • Consult with Case Manager Supervisors and case managers as necessary to answer questions, brainstorm solutions and ensure client needs are being met to the best of our ability.
  • Review/Approve cases, within authority limits, with the Case Manager Supervisor
  • Assist Case Supervisor, as necessary, to prepare cases for presentation and approval requiring a higher level of approval. 
  • Provide leadership to your staff to ensure their success, while empowering them to perform the essential functions of their job with compassion and sensitivity for the clients.
  • Ensure the Volunteer Coordination Staff have the resources and skills needed to provide volunteer teams with a positive and meaningful work experience. 
  • Engage all staff at regular times of confidential sharing and debriefing to assist with healthy emotional and spiritual responses to the work while learning and maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  • Work with the staff to ensure all paperwork related to using volunteers is completed and volunteer hours reported.
  • When needed, provide immediate assistance to resolve any problems that come up with the volunteers, staff or clients. 
  • Provide appropriate periodic job performance reviews.
  • Develop, communicate and manage clear expectations of job responsibilities, policies and procedures related to employment and administrative matters.
  • Ensure all staff members receive appropriate job training. 
  • Work in cooperation and partnership with the long-term recovery and community stakeholders to coordinate work and avoid duplication.
  • Work with the Director of Missional Engagement and Outreach to provide clear, compelling and timely reports to the leadership of the annual conference, UMCOR, and other stakeholders.    
Working Conditions: 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle to be able to drive long distances in all areas within the services’ area. 
  • Constant interaction with internal and external third parties for the purpose of collecting and disseminating information.
  • Adaptability to environmental factors, including noises, odors, variable climate, etc. 
  • Spends over 80% of time sitting; remainder of time includes walking, standing;
  • Occasional lifting (5 - 25 lbs.) and climbing stairs.
  • Must work cooperatively and collaboratively with colleagues, clients and other agencies involved in the recovery.  
Anticipated Start Date:  November 15, 2021

Contact: Bill Howell

Email: Click to email

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