Church Starts Ministry

Board of Laity:  Louisiana United Methodist Conference
(Contact: Carolyn Dove, Lay Leader at, (318) 590-2989.)

Purpose:  Church Starts Ministry is dedicated to the goal of assisting the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in: planting and constructing new churches; restarting, relocating and renovating existing churches; and in assisting existing churches in building repairs and construction.

Money for the CSM is raised by each District yearly (annual conference year starting July 2013) through donations by local churches and interested individuals.

Officers: The CSM is administered by a Conference Director who works with the District CSM chairpersons to raise money and publicize the grants available.

The Conference Director is also responsible for reports pertaining to the CSM to the Conference Board of Laity, Annual Conference and other interested organizations or people

District chairpersons are selected or elected by each District to serve for the annual conference year.

The Conference Director of the CSM is nominated by the Board of Laity Nominating committee and serves on its Executive Committee.  He/she may serve only four years at a time, although District chairpersons may serve as long as the District recommends or allows.

Appropriations Committee:  The Appropriations Committee shall be composed of: Conference CSM Director, District CSM chairpersons, Conference Board of Laity Treasurer, and Conference Director of Development and Transformation. 

The Appropriations Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis to select the grant recipients and develop policies for the CSM funds and recommend to the Conference Board of Laity for adoption the church (es) or project(s) to receive a grant.

Church Starts Ministry brochure here.

Rev. John Cannon serves as Conference Director of Congregational Development,  


Revised September 4, 2013
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