SIBLEY Sibley Louisiana

Sibley, LA

Date Founded: 1875

Services were first held in Lanesville by circuit riders passing through the area. First held in private homes, services were held at the school after it was built. After John G. Lane passed away in 1893, his wife donated land to the church. That first church, built in 1895, was a Union church named Lanesville Chapel.

When the railroad was built through the area in 1884, the community’s name was changed to Sibley. The church’s name was likewise changed on January 1, 1913. After serving as a Union church for many years, it became a Methodist church under the leadership of Rev. W.R. Lyons in 1938. Construction on a parsonage began in 1939 while Rev. Rex Squyres served as pastor. The parsonage was completed in 1943.

Fundraising for a new church was started by Rev. J.C. Rousseaux in 1954. Each member would donate money to the fund in a bank kept at the church. Construction began under Rev. Jimmie Pyles’ leadership in 1956. The church was dedicated in 1968 when Rev. H.W. Longfellow was the pastor.