PELICAN Pelican Louisiana

Pelican, LA

Date Founded: 1890

The church was organized with twelve members in 1890 by Rev. H.J. Boltz. At first, they met in a schoolhouse. By the time Rev. Boltz left four years later, they had 100 members and had acquired a church and a parsonage.

In 1892, Mr. A.F. Jackson donated a lot on the corner of Washington Street and Jackson Avenue to the church. The first church was built soon thereafter. It had two entrances at the front and was let my kerosene lamps. The original bell in that church is still in use today. The current church sits on that same site.

The first parsonage was later replaced by the Buckley house when Rev. Cargill served as pastor. It was later replaced by a third parsonage. That parsonage was eventually torn down and replaced with the present structure.

The original church was dismantled in 1916 and a new church completed by the following year. The pulpit is home-made, but the pulpit chairs were purchased with money raised by the Women’s Missionary Society. A wing was added to the north side of the church in 1939. The pulpit and pews were rotated 90 degrees so that the pews faced north instead of east. The addition included one large room and two smaller classrooms. The former pulpit area of the sanctuary was then used as a classroom.

When the steeple developed leaks, it was removed in 1966 and the roof was reshaped.