CASTOR Castor Louisiana

Castor, LA

The Castor church began in the 1800s in the old town of Castor. Church records show that the Old Castor Church was probably built before 1852 of logs. Most of the families living in the vicinity were Methodists, though Baptists worshipped there as well.

In 1853, Rev. S.J. Graves was the first pastor assigned to the Castor circuit. The church had 122 members by the end of the year. The circuit took the name Sparta for a while, but later returned to Castor.

When the railroad was built three miles to the west of the church in 1900, the community moved. Though the Old Castor church burned down in 1926, it was rebuilt a few years later for use as a chapel for the Old Castor Cemetery.

During Rev. George Anders stay, a revival held in 1906 resulted in forty people joining the church. A new church was built in 1912. The first floor was used as a school as well as a church. A fire destroyed the records about this time, so little details are known.

In 1997, the McCoy family left the Ringgold church to help revitalize the Castor Church. Other young families joined, and average attendance was up to 45. A youth program began on Sunday evenings.

On Easter Sunday, April 23, 2000, a tornado damaged much of the town, including the Sanctuary of the church. Through gifts and projects the church was rebuilt.