WILLIAMS ROSS New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans, LA

Date Founded: 1866

Property for the church was acquired on January 3, 1866 by Rev. Emperor Williams (pastor of the Carrollton area) and Rev. Emperor J.T. Mumon. First known as the Carrollton Mission Church, it was later called the Clinton Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Though Rev. Emperor Williams first pastored the church to get it started, he was followed by. Austin Jones. A church was soon built.

After the original church burned down in 1869, it was rebuilt in 1870. The cornerstone was laid in 1887, while Rev. B. Duncan was in charge.

The church burned down again in 1894. When it was rebuilt, the name of the church was changed in 1894 to honor Rev. Emperor Williams. Rev. Williams, who had passed away that year, was one of the founders of both the Louisiana and Mississippi Conferences.

The church was destroyed in 1915 by a storm. It was rebuilt in 1917 under the leadership of Rev. Arthur Robinson. The debt on the church was later retired under the leadership of Rev. D.S. Sloan.

The current parsonage was built in 1925 while Rev. J.W. Turner served as pastor.

The church was recently renovated.

The membership of the church has included such figures as Bishop J.B. Scott, Bishop A.C. Camphor, Dr. O.E.P. Albert, Dr. Matthew Davge, and Mrs. Velena McArthur Jones (wife of Bishop R.E. Jones)..