THOMAS Kenner Louisiana

Kenner, LA

Date Founded: 1883

The church records date back to 1883. The pastor at that time was Rev. T.J. Johnson. On January 13, 1912, Rivers Thomas joined the church. He later became Associate Minister and Superintendent of Sunday School.

The church was destroyed by a storm in 1915. It was rebuilt on the current site in 1918 under the leadership of Rev. Schooler J. Jackson.

The church has lost several pastors under appointment. In November 1937, Rev. S.G. Reed and his son were in a fatal train accident. Rev. Amos Taylor passed away in 1953 before his term was completed. Rev. Cleveland L. Young passed away during his third year of service to the church (1972).

The church was revived in the mid 1950s under the leadership of Rev. C.D. Small. Renovations were made on the church at that time.

Under the leadership of Rev. H.L. Stewart, additional remodeling was done in 1965. This included a face-lift of brick, a kitchen, and new pews.

The outer aisles of the church were widened under the leadership of Rev. Donald Barrie (1977-84).

For many years, the Thomas church was on a circuit with Ross UMC. But in 1986, it was paired with St. James in Hahnville. The pastor at that time was Rev. Dan Simon.
Brother Douglas Brumfield has been the minister of music since 1968.