PEOPLES New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans, LA

Date Founded: 1922

When the Franklin Street Methodist Church relocated, Bishop Robert E. Jones saw to it that the church was purchased for $12,000 on May 23, 1922. He wanted a church that would reach out to help the community.

D.S. Rev. M.R. Walker organized the church on July 2, 1922 with sixty-five members. It was called the Peoples Methodist Episcopal Church and Community Center. The first pastor appointed to the church was Rev. J.C. Calvin.
To distinguish the church, Bishop Jones and the pastor had a lighted cross placed on the steeple. Since it was the first in the city, the church was known as “the church with a lighted cross.”

While Rev. W.Talbot Handy, Sr. served the church in the mid 1920s, a separate Board of Control was established for the Community Center, and the Community Chest was organized. A Day Nursery was begin in the parsonage, and a new parsonage was acquired elsewhere. Bishop Robert N. Brooks saw to it that the Community Center was later (1944) incorporated. The debt on the church was paid off the following year under the leadership of Dr. G.W. Carter.