HARRY'S CHAPEL Bogalusa Louisiana

Bogalusa, LA

Date Founded: 1870

In 1865, ex-slaves settled in Duffy Memorial Gardens, which is presently a cemetery. They soon constructed homes, a school and a church. Bogalusa was not yet founded. The settled area was referred to as Duffy Parish.
Harry's Chapel was organized in 1870 by the Bruns, Hart, Pierce, and the John families. The first minister was Reverend Robert Duffy.

In 1908, Bogalusa was organized and the church was moved to Avenue F where Warner's Fish House is currently located. The minister at that time was Rev. Richard Harry from Angie, La. The church is named after Rev. Harry.

In 1926, the church was moved to what was called the Backwoods, where it is presently located. In all, the church was moved twice and was rebuilt five times.