DESTREHAN, ST. CHARLES Destrehan Louisiana

Destrehan, LA

Date Founded 1987


Starting in 1952, Joe and Thelma Sanders expressed the need for a Methodist church in the New Sarpy area. Led by District Superintendent Dr. Virgil Morris, 17 charter members formed the St. John Methodist Church. Though the membership grew to 72, it fell to 38 by 1981 after the Pan-Am refinery closed down. As membership held steady for the next few years, nearby Destrehan was growing. After several people, including the Bishop and the Board of Church Extension, were consulted, it was decided to establish a congregation in Destrehan. The St. John congregation transferred their membership to the new church. St. Charles, as the new church was called, was organized in January 1987 at the Day Nursery building on Store House Lane in Destrehan. Including the St. John members, about 80 charter members were led by Rev. Dick Humphries. After meeting in the Day Nursery for several months, they later met in the Ball Room of the Ormond Country Club and the Hill Heights Country Club. They finally moved into the new church in the spring of 1989.

SOURCE: "St. John UMC Evolves Into St. Charles UMC with the Birth of St. Charles UMC" by Caro Cunningham