CARROLLTON New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans, LA

Date Founded: 1886

In the early 1870's, Mr. A.H. Ahten began a Sunday School for children and young people. Mr. Ahten, one of the early settlers of Carrollton, was from Ost Freesland, Germany, and the lessons were held in German. The school progressed as an Epworth Mission, and later as an Epworth Church.

When the Rayne Memorial Church bought them a lot on the corner of Carrollton Avenue and Third Street, Rev. Christian Keener designed, financed, and built a church on the site. It was dedicated on February 14, 1886 by Bishop John C. Keener. The charter for the new church was signed on March 16, 1886.

The present sanctuary was opened in May of 1914 (one record says 1919) and dedicated in February of 1920. The old church was given to a black congregation, who used it till it burned down in the 1970's.

The first education building was dedicated on April 14, 1929. An addition was constructed and dedicated in 1944. Expansion led to the construction of a new education building in 1954.

The first parsonage was a home at 1125 Fern Street that Mr. A.H. Ahten sold to the church. The present parsonage was consecrated on November 20, 1966 while Rev. James T. Harris served as pastor.

Source: Brief History of Carrollton United Methodist Church