ANGIE, WESLEY RAY Angie Louisiana

Angie, LA

Date Founded 1876

The fifty local families began building a church in 1876. Superintendent Wesley was so helpful in helping the church to get started, the congregation named the church after him and his son (Ray). The first pastor was Rev. S. Osbourne. Founders of the church included Sam Brown, Frank Peters, M.J. Daniel, John Burrell, Pomp Harry, Mack Frederick, Hardy Henry, Moses Moses, Erwin Peters, and William John.

In the 1930s, George Ploughman donated a lot in front of the community school to the church. Though they needed to build a parsonage, the lot wasn’t big enough for a church and a home. So W.L. Jefferson sold the church its present site.

Led by Rev. E.L. Jackson, the frame church was torn down in 1937. The congregation began building a block structure. A storm destroyed their work before they were complete. After securing a grant from the church extension board, the church began work once again. The women provided the food while the men provided the labor. During construction, services were held at the community school.

In the 1960s, the church was remodeled under the leadership of Rev. A.E. Franklin. The church began making plans and raising money to build new facilities on four acres bought from Olivier B. Brown.

When Mrs. Olivier B. Brown moved to California in 1975, she sold her home and land (1 acre) to the church. Her home became the new parsonage. In 1982, construction began on a new church. The pastor at that time was Rev. Robert Brown. The UMM and UMW raised $5,000 to install carpeting. Pews were donated in honor or memory of loved ones. The cornerstone was laid on November 3, 1991. The church mortgage was paid off and the note was burned on July 26, 1999.