TALLULAH Tallulah Louisiana

Tallulah, LA

Date Founded: 1873

On February 11, 1873, Mrs. J.R. Askew donated two lots on the south side of North Louisiana and Texas Railroad for the purpose of building a church. The Union church was built either that year or the next and still stands. It was shared by the Episcopal and Methodist congregations. It was moved in early 1905 to North Cedar Street and was used by the Trinity Episcopal Church. The railroad company didn’t give its permission for the move, and in fact a train was delayed because it arrived when the church was being moved over the tracks.

The minister came from Dehli once a month to hold services. When the original two lots were sold for $1,100 and the money split between the Episcopal and Methodist congregations. With their share, the Methodists bought a lot for $400 from Amanda Stone. Led by Rev. R.C. Grace, the Methodists built their first church in 1905. The builder was a Mr. Roberts. Bishop Ward of Texas dedicated the church in July 1906. Rev. Grace supplied the pulpit and the pews were bought in Monroe.

A small two-room building was constructed later on to help provide space for Sunday School. As the church grew older, it was decided to tear it down and build a new one. Services were held by Rev. H.W. Rickey at the schoolhouse during construction.

The first service for the new brick church was held on Mother’s Day, May 11, 1930. The church dedication service was led by Bishop A. Frank Smith on April 26, 1942.

In 1955, a house on the corner of Bayou Drive and Scott Street was purchased to provide Sunday School space. At the end of that year, plans began on a new education building. The building was completed by the start of 1961.

Additional property was purchased in 1967 for $10,000. In 1970, the congregation voted to allow the educational building to be used as a private school. The debt on the building was paid off by December 1974. A new roof and steeple were put on the church in 1975. The inside received new memorial windows that same year. After installing a new bell tower in 1976, the old bell was set up on the church lawn.

In 1977, the parsonage on Clinton Street was sold and a new one purchased. Bishop Kenneth Shamblin visited the church on January 29, 1978 to hold a dedication service for the church and a consecration service for the parsonage.