SALEM Simsboro Louisiana

Dubach, LA

Date Founded: 1859

Services began in the area with camp meetings, held twice a year. The church was organized in 1859. The trustees of the church bought forty acres of land from Reuben Phillips. The land was for a church and cemetery. It is assumed that the church was built that year.

The original church was dismantled in 1896 and a new one was built. The church remembers that as one of their driest years, with no rain received from April till October.

A third church was built in 1939 under the leadership of Rev. Huff. With the help of a rock mason from Gibsland, the walls were built of native iron ore rock collected from the surrounding land. Cement was mixed in a wood box and used to put the rocks in place. Even the children helped, though only with the rear of the walls since the cement couldn’t be removed once it touched the rock surface. O.R. Singleton was skilled at picking the right rocks to fit into spaces.

The church had two wood stoves. Older members got to sit nearer the stoves, with younger members in the back. The windows at the side and behind the pulpit were donated as memorials to early members. Water had to be brought from a well across the road on the Dye property.

The pulpit, pulpit chairs, and table given to the church were originally from the Trinity Church. The original pulpit and an old rock table are still at the church, left over from those early days.

The church was renovated in 1987. A fellowship hall was also added that year. In 1997, and education building was constructed. In 2000, services were held in the fellowship hall while the wooden floor was replaced with concrete. On November 10, 2000, a new steeple was added onto the church.