LOCUST GROVE Oak Grove Louisiana

Oak Grove, LA

Date Founded: 1931

The first services were held by circuit riders in the local schoolhouse at Locust Grove “Pulltight” (as it was then known). One of the pastors at that time (early 1900s) was Rev. Taylor. His pay was a small amount of money and some food.

In 1931, a brush arbor was built for services. Rev. Bozeman began plans to build a church. Land was donated to the church by Jeff Bolding. Using donated wood, the church was built by the congregation. Volunteers cut the logs and took them to Harry Shrell’s mill at Terry to be cut. Cypress shingles were cut for the roof. Funds for the church came from cake walks, box suppers, and donations. After taking time out to harvest crops, the church was completed by October 1931.

Attendance dropped during WW2. Sometimes only Ada Bolding and Effie Bolding were the only ones in the worship service. Attendance later rose and Rev. Rose Caruthers led the church in building a new church (1966-68).

Under the leadership of Rev. Joe Solomon, land was bought from Clifford Bolding in 1975 and a fellowship hall was added in 1979. The charge shares a parsonage with the Kilbourne church. Homecomings held each year began in 1988.