LITTLE CREEK Mangham Louisiana

Mangham, LA

Date Founded: 1853

Black and white settlers in the Archibald and Alto areas came together in 1853 to start the Little Creek church. As trees were cut down to build the homes and farms in the area, they were used in the construction of the first church.

After a period of time, the white membership left the building and worshipped with the Alto Presbyterian Church. The black membership stayed at Little Creek. They worshipped like this for 24 years.

After a number of years, cypress was floated down the river from Lindlow Break and a new church was built on the west bank of Little Creek. The altar and chancel rail was hand-carved with a pocket knife by a local young man. It was lit by kerosene lamps and heated by a log-type heater. In the 1920s, electricity was installed.

The current red brick facility was built in 1955. It includes classrooms, a kitchenette, and a recreation/dining hall. The sanctuary used the original altar and pulpit furnishings. New pews were added in 1956.