Monroe, LA

Date Founded: 1952

The congregation began in 1952 after the Bishop linked three mission churches (Gibson’s Chapel, North Grand, South Grand) and Fairbanks Church north of Monroe. Rev. Lea Joyner was appointed as its pastor. She had been serving at a nearby church, but the new pastor didn’t want a woman as an assistant. Instead of returning to teaching, Rev. Joyner took on the task of starting a new church on the south side of Monroe.. Three lots were acquired at Temple Drive and South 4th and South 5th Streets. The Bishop gave her half of the $10,000 start-up money and work began on the Southside Methodist Church.

After Rev. Joyner’s tragic death in 1985, Rev. Joe Solomon … himself a longtime member of Southside … was appointed to the church. The church was renamed after Rev. Joyner at that time. In January 1992, the church relocated to Old Sterlington Road. The current church was constructed on that site. The mission statement adopted by the church is “To know Jesus and to make Him known.” The church has licensed 48 men and women to preach since 1952.